Tofino Trippin – A few photos from an island escape


Tofino, it has everything! Wind, sun, rain, fog, waves, and a few other things along the way. On a recent Island trip which involved 6 ferries, some driving, walking and beaching I took a few photos. This is what they looked like.

2016_09_tofino-1412 2016_09_tofino-1414 2016_09_tofino-1416 2016_09_tofino-1420 2016_09_tofino-1428 2016_09_tofino-1434 2016_09_tofino-1450 2016_09_tofino-1451 2016_09_tofino-1485 2016_09_tofino-1493 2016_09_tofino-1498 2016_09_tofino-1502 2016_09_tofino-1513 2016_09_tofino-06915 2016_09_tofino-06920 2016_09_tofino-06923 2016_09_tofino-06940 2016_09_tofino-06945 2016_09_tofino-06990

Vancouver Pride Parade – 2016 Is Full Of Colour


Vancouver Pride Parade; What can I say? Vancouver, no British Columbia, No Canada is a pretty amazing place to live. Only here can people experience this much joy around such a globally controversial event. The idea of “Gay Pride” has evolved and “Pride” means something more today than it did a decade ago. This annual event is still about celebrating the freedoms and rights of the LGBT+ community, but it is more than just that. The 600,000+ people that come to celebrate Vancouver’s annual Pride events are not inclusive members of the group. There are people and families of all races, all ages and all beliefs coming together to celebrate as one. Lining the streets of Vancouver are the people of Canada, shoulder to shoulder with their leader, Justin Trudeau giving the metaphorical “Trudeau Salute” to all those that oppose.

We are Canadian and this is Vancouver Pride!

2016_07_PrideParade-0797 2016_07_PrideParade-0824 2016_07_PrideParade-0828
2016_07_PrideParade-0846 2016_07_PrideParade-0851 2016_07_PrideParade-0864 2016_07_PrideParade-0882 2016_07_PrideParade-0884 2016_07_PrideParade-0894 2016_07_PrideParade-0898 2016_07_PrideParade-0918 2016_07_PrideParade-0928 2016_07_PrideParade-0947 2016_07_PrideParade-0961 2016_07_PrideParade-0977 2016_07_PrideParade-1002 2016_07_PrideParade-1010 2016_07_PrideParade-1020 2016_07_PrideParade-1033 2016_07_PrideParade-1040 2016_07_PrideParade-1045 2016_07_PrideParade-1064 2016_07_PrideParade-1065 2016_07_PrideParade-1084 2016_07_PrideParade-1090 2016_07_PrideParade-1096 2016_07_PrideParade-1106 2016_07_PrideParade-1113 2016_07_PrideParade-1135 2016_07_PrideParade-1144 2016_07_PrideParade-1147 2016_07_PrideParade-1150 2016_07_PrideParade-1155 2016_07_PrideParade-1158 2016_07_PrideParade-1161 2016_07_PrideParade-1164 2016_07_PrideParade-1211 2016_07_PrideParade-1229


A Week of Mexican Wedding Festivities


A Mexican marriage, a week on the beach, and a day of fishing

Off to Mexico for a wedding. The Mayan Riviera to be more specific. This trip was not really a photo mission but a week on the beach has a few opportunities along the way.

The wedding took place on the beach and was beautiful. The dancing started shortly after that point in time. All in all it was a great trip and the lovely couple could not have been happier.

On another note we escaped from the resort for a day to go on a fishing and snorkeling trip. On a private charter we ventured down the coast trolling for whatever may have been hungry. After 4 hours of rather rough sees we returned with a Barracuda as our prize. It was cooked up on the beach where we reaped the benefits of our labours.








Vacationing on the Island of Kauai


It is time for a vacation. This time around we took off to the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Something a little different this time around to take advantage of the amazing Canadian dollar… I think that is how it works????

Anywho, an extra little bit of excitement on the trip. Kelly and I got engaged at the base of a waterfall. That was pretty exciting.


… sorry for the brevity.


Check out that rock!!! (I know it is hard to see)

2015_11_Hawaii-03543 2015_11_Hawaii-03593 2015_11_Hawaii-03653-Pano 2015_11_Hawaii-03668 2015_11_Hawaii-03745 2015_11_Hawaii-03828 2015_11_Hawaii-03831 2015_11_Hawaii-03902-Pano 2015_11_Hawaii-03918 2015_11_Hawaii-03930 2015_11_Hawaii-03946 2015_11_Hawaii-04007

100 Mile House – Sulphurous Lake Trip & Testing the Sony RX100 III


First impressions of a new camera and a weekend adventure

100 Mile House is not where I have typically considered going for a summer mini-vacation but that is where I was for a long weekend recently. Just east of 100 Mile is Sulpherous Lake where I stayed ina cabin for two nights enjoying the sun, the lake and some great company. In addition to the relaxing factor, the trip was also a chance to test out a recent purchase, the RX100 M3. While the M4 has now been released the main points of difference (besides the stacked sensor) come to the benefit of video performance so with stills in mind and the vision of a lighter camera I dove into the point-and-shoot market.

In a nutshell the camera can be viewed as one of two things. An amazing point and shoot, or a pretty significant sacrifice from an SLR. It is easy to slip into the latter point but the size and portability is something that can not be overlooked. The RX100 fits in your pocket, shoots 10fps and has the biggest sensor available for a camera of its size. It also has an impressive 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens. Overall the camera packs a serious punch.

On the downsides, a 70mm lens is not all that long, white balance seems to be a struggle for the camera and the lens maxes out at f11. A build in ND filter helps this last point but it could be better. Lastly, the controls are not the most intuitive and the buttons are rather small. It is not a speed demon when it comes to setting up a shot.

Really I can rave or complain all day long but here are a few photos from the Sony RX100 III. You can be the judge for yourself.





2015_07_Sony-00556The built-in ND filter at work here.



2015_07_Sony-00454The noise performance and fast (f1.8) lens did better than expected for night photography. The star definition is similar to what you may expect from a basic SLR and a kit lens.




Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish British Columbia


Squamish BC is home to a unique tourist Gem. Climbing from sea level to the peak next to the iconic Chief rock is the Sea To Sky Gondola. Not only is this the best place to take in the Howe Sound view but it is also a great place to hike and enjoy a cold beer with lunch. At the top of the gondola is a coffee shop, gift shop, cafeteria style restaraunt and a bar which serves local, Howe Sound Brewery beer.

If you have never experienced the Sea To Sky Gondola it is worth the trip. Pack your hiking boots as you will want to spend some time exploring. When you are finished hiking you can sit back and enjoy the spectacular view with a pint in hand.

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Adventures Abroad – Driving Around Spain & Portugal


The most recent adventure takes us to Spain And Portugal where over the course of two weeks we ventured around the two countries travelling a whopping 3980km by car and seeing a whole lot along the way. From castles and churches to beaches and bridges we were there and the photo to prove it.

Have a look at these shots and start planning your next trip!

Driving Route Around Spain And Portugal

Portugal Beaches

Barbary Macak of Gibralter

Bridge of Ronda

Hiking outside of Whistler BC – Garibaldi Lake


Garibaldi Lake is a glacially fed destination to the southeast of Whistler BC. This is a hiking destination which may be a bit of an effort but is also 100% worth the effort. Taking at least 4 hours or so at a reasonable hiking pace this 20km or so hike takes you through a typical BC forest into sub-alpine terrain. Walking through wildflower meadows beneath the well known landmark Black Tusk this is not only extremely beautiful but also gives great context to the alpine peaks surrounding Whistler.

If you have never considered this hike and call the area home this should definitely be on the hit list. Starting off between Squamish and Whistler a short gravel road drive will take you to the trail head before a well marked trail escorts you to the top. On a summer weekend there will undoubtedly be traffic along the way but the beauty of the lake, wildlife and scenery is like nothing else. Do yourself a favour and make this BC adventure a priority!








The Wine at My Back – Touring the Vinyards of Oliver BC


The Okanagan is really very close to Vancouver. What may seem like eons away is really only a few hours drive from the bustle of the city. This past weekend we made the four hour drive east to Oliver BC for a weekend of Wining and Dining. On tour of the top wineries BC’s Okanagan has to offer here is a visual run-down of what the weekend entailed. The wineries in question span between Oliver and Osoyoos where dozens of vineyards are each taking part in the wine boom.

Hope Slide Rock Field

A Harrison Weekend Getaway – With Tulips!


A short jaunt out of the city and you will find yourself in Harrison BC. Home of the Harrison Hot Springs and at the right time of year also a world renound Tulip Festival. A quick weekend trip with a few photos to prove that it actually happened and here we are.






And a few extra shots from flickr.

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