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Bike To Work Week – The Morning in 9 photos


May 30th – June 5th is Bike To Work Week in Vancouver BC. An initiative set up to encourage people to set down the car keys and give the bicycle a chance it can be a great choice for health, the environment and simply feeling good. That said, the 5:45 wake up call, slow drizzle and single digit temperatures do not exude the same level of inspiration. That said, it is Bike To Work Week and I will do my best to ride my bike into the office as much as possible. Wednesday’s hockey game is a sphinx that I have not yet solved though. Anyways, here is a quick photo lay-up that shows the morning commute. Tough to take photos while riding but I think this gives a decent account of the morning’s commute.

Bike To Work Week


Taking some stills while being filmed


Been working a lot lately with Alex Lavigne of Alias Cinema on some shorty riding videos. It has been a ton of fun and we have seen some great riding through it. Tough to get stills when being filmed but here are a few shots from the last couple of shoots.








Letting the dog take us for a walk


Getting out there doesn’t always mean an epic-trans-continental adventure… Realizing that taking a dog for a walk can be an adventure on its owncan open real doors in enjoyment and photography. The following photos are nothing more than a walk in the park. But, at the same time taking the camera along on an otherwise non-adventure made for a fun deviation from simplicity. Getting Gus (the Bernese Mountain Dog) excited was as easy as pie and made for a great time and resulted in some great photos.






The Sunshine Coaster DH – Where Did The Rat Go?


The Sunshine Coaster DH, formerly known as the Rat Race is a great little event in Roberts Creek BC. This is a 40min ferry ride north of Vancouver on the Sunshine Coast. I decided to head over to the event to participate in the DH race portion of the event. Not usually a DH kinda racer but what the hell right? To keep it a little closer to home I rode my 5″ travel All Mountain bike.

A 5″ travel All Mountain Bike is not necessarily the best choice for a DH race but being relatively flat and mellow I figured I would give it a try. Didn’t set any land speed records on this one but settled into a respectable 5th place in the field of 38. I was pretty stoked. Next year we’ll shoot for podium.

Given that I was racing, it was not the most convenient event to take photos at but I managed to get a few after my run. I also have a gopro practice run from a few days prior.



Photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

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