It is time for a vacation. This time around we took off to the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Something a little different this time around to take advantage of the amazing Canadian dollar… I think that is how it works????

Anywho, an extra little bit of excitement on the trip. Kelly and I got engaged at the base of a waterfall. That was pretty exciting.


… sorry for the brevity.


Check out that rock!!! (I know it is hard to see)

2015_11_Hawaii-03543 2015_11_Hawaii-03593 2015_11_Hawaii-03653-Pano 2015_11_Hawaii-03668 2015_11_Hawaii-03745 2015_11_Hawaii-03828 2015_11_Hawaii-03831 2015_11_Hawaii-03902-Pano 2015_11_Hawaii-03918 2015_11_Hawaii-03930 2015_11_Hawaii-03946 2015_11_Hawaii-04007