Vancouver Pride Parade – 2016 Is Full Of Colour


Vancouver Pride Parade; What can I say? Vancouver, no British Columbia, No Canada is a pretty amazing place to live. Only here can people experience this much joy around such a globally controversial event. The idea of “Gay Pride” has evolved and “Pride” means something more today than it did a decade ago. This annual event is still about celebrating the freedoms and rights of the LGBT+ community, but it is more than just that. The 600,000+ people that come to celebrate Vancouver’s annual Pride events are not inclusive members of the group. There are┬ápeople and families of all races, all ages and all beliefs coming together to celebrate as one. Lining the streets of Vancouver are the people of Canada, shoulder to shoulder with their leader, Justin Trudeau giving the metaphorical “Trudeau Salute” to all those that oppose.

We are Canadian and this is Vancouver Pride!

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Interbike’s Cross Vegas – Getting Schoolered Around The Track


This post has been a little while coming. I apologize for my tardiness.

While attending the Las Vegas based Interbike trade show this year I made the effort to check out the Cross Vegas Cyclocross Race. This is always an amazing event as it is the first large profile cyclocross race of the season so many of the big names come out to experience the dryest course in the world. The Elite men’s field was a massive crowd and I focussed most of my camera efforts on Norco’s Aaron Schooler who had a fantastic race finishing as the second Canadian in the field shortly behind Geoff Kabush.

Here are some photos from the race.







Grip it and Whip it at Crankworx


One of the most entertaining events at the Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival in Whistler BC is the Whip Off World Champs. Taking place on the trail Crab Apple Hits, massive jumps create the stage of competition. If you are unfamiliar with a ‘whip’ it comes from motocross and is called a moto-whip. The idea is to turn the bike sideways in the air then bring it back before landing. The spectacle is quite entertaining.


Here are a few photos from this year’s event.


and then there are these guys… Sometimes you just have to get naked and go for a bike ride.


When you need beer you have to use what is at your fingertips





My most recent media-based project was the creation of a video for I took a prototype Norco Bigfoot Fat Bike, Growler Cage and took a trip to the Deep Cove Brewery on an eccentric beer run. 3 Days after releasing the video has been splattered around the internet and has now been viewed in excess of 40,000 times. I hope you enjoy too!


The BC Ride To Conquer Cancer – Another Year, Another Amazing Event!


Another year, another series of Ride To Conquer Cancer Events. Traveling with Norco bicycles I was lucky enough to be helping out at the recent BC Ride to Conquer Cancer that took some 2800 riders from Vancouver to Seattle. With favorable weather comes less bike issues so this was the smoothest BC ride yet. By no means were we bored or looking for things to do but the waves of bikes came at a slower pace this year as riders experienced less mechanical issues with their bikes. These are amazing events and if you are considering participating, you should the riders in the BC ride alone have raised more than $50 Million Dollars going to the BC Cancer Foundation.


Thank you To everyone that participated in the event. Next up is Montreal on August 10-11th. See you there!



Team Building Retreat on the Sunshine Coast


The Sunshine Coast is a magical place if you are a mountain biker. Home to many professional cyclists and some of the best trails in the world this is a pretty amazing place to ride a bike. Recently with the Norco team I made my way over to the area on a team retreat to get away on a photo, video and team-building trip. Here are a few photos from how it went down.











Another Sea Otter Classic in the Bag


Another Year at the Sea Otter Classic. This year though the trip south was extended slightly through dealer visits, a marketing conference and then finally to the Laguna Seca Raceway for the main Event. Over the course of 16 days I visited 11 bike shops, watched 11 Ryan Leech demos and managed to squeak in 2 short mountain bike rides. As usual here I will let a few of the pictures from the trip speak instead of an essay of blathering..


Mt Shasta always looks good!

There is something about driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.



Gettin’ some air

The mosh pit of Sea Otter

Getting in some practice laps.

Team Norco International following the Dual Slalom.

Jill Kintner took home a couple of victories over the weekend.

A Team Mechanic doesn’t bring normal things on a ride.

Bryn Atkinson turning some heads riding to his DH Start.

A Costa Rican Road Trip


With the busyness of summer and fall passing a week away from the usual in somewhere hot and tropical was long overdue. Kelly and I took the trip down to Costa Rica and rented a vehicle out of Liberia. From here we spent 7 days exploring the Nicoya Peninsula in the Northwest corner of this amazing country.


As could be expected, a good portion of the trip was spent in the ocean and on the beach drinking beer. Not the worst way to relax in a Central American country.


The highlight beach-front location for the trip was Samara Beach. Here we pulled up and booked two nights in the Samara Tree House Inn. This is definetly worth the money. Small, quiet and classy these elevated, beach front apartments offer luxurious accommodations with the intimacy lacking in a larger facility. 2012_11_CostaRica-477

Being that we were on the West Coast of Costa Rica, the evening light was always amazing offering sunsets and beautiful views as the glow settles beneath the horizon.


Once the sun sets though, that is not the end of it. The Samara accommodations were just as magnificent in the dark as they were in the tropical sun.


One unexpected happening of chance put us in the area during a full moon when the phosphorescence given off by plankton was at its height. The glow coming in off the crashing waves was out of this world.


The night sky was simply spectacular while the full moon gave the foreground a magnificent glow.


No vacation is complete without some quality micro-brewery action right, well part of our trip we made a point of stopping at the Volcano Brewing Company. This is the only micro-brewery in Costa Rica and is situated in Arenal at the base of the Arenal Volcano. Here they serve four different beers brewed on site giving some diversity from the otherwise ‘beach pilsner’ style of beer.




The whole trip was not on the beach. In fact our time was split approximately 50/50 between the beach and the mountainous interior. It was inland where the nature fix took place and we were able to get some hikes under our belts.


This is a bridge crossing a valley in the Monteverde Cloud Forest.


The view below the bridge was a spectacular aerial view of the valley floor.


Next to the Cloud Forest is a hummingbird observatory where feeders are set up to attract the many species in the area.



The Coatimundi is a Marsupial that we found in plenty at the Arenal Volcano. As neat as it was to see this raccoon like creature, it was even more interesting to see the territorial battle happen on the forest floor.

2012_11_CostaRica-356Not all the wildlife was in the forest though, Iguanas were a beautiful site chilling on the beach and in the trees.


Watching the Pelicans hunt is another spectacular show while relaxing on the beach.


Okay, I won’t lie though. It did rain a bit.


If you are curious about the trip or want to know more about where we went here is a map of the road trip. If you take on a trip like this, do not use google maps as a reference for time. The times and distances are very unreliable in the presence of many gravel roads and marginal driving conditions. If you have additional questions feel free to leave your comments below.

View Larger Map

Viva Cross Vegas


Back at Interbike in Las Vegas. The show is one thing but every year the largest cyclocross race in North America takes place, Cross Vegas. A great race with the world’s best showing up to give their best for the industry watching with eager eyes. Norco rider Aaron Schooler came out for the race and finished in 33rd spot in a stacked field.










The Great Canadian Beer Festival


The Great Canadian Beer Festival is an event I have been meaning to go to since my early days at the University of Victoria. Somehow though it took a whopping 8 years for me to do it. I have to thanks Kelly for this one though as with tickets sold out well in advance she won two tickets from Granville Island Brewery. If you haven’t already liked GIB on facebook you should, they have a ton of great contests that you could be winning!


The GCBF was in its 20th year for 2012 and hosted some 54 different breweries from across Canada and into the US. This was a great opportunity to try some of the BC breweries that are difficult to track down such as Saltspring Island, Townsite, Crannog and Firehall.


Full photos from the event have been posted on







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