100 Mile House – Sulphurous Lake Trip & Testing the Sony RX100 III


First impressions of a new camera and a weekend adventure

100 Mile House is not where I have typically considered going for a summer mini-vacation but that is where I was for a long weekend recently. Just east of 100 Mile is Sulpherous Lake where I stayed ina cabin for two nights enjoying the sun, the lake and some great company. In addition to the relaxing factor, the trip was also a chance to test out a recent purchase, the RX100 M3. While the M4 has now been released the main points of difference (besides the stacked sensor) come to the benefit of video performance so with stills in mind and the vision of a lighter camera I dove into the point-and-shoot market.

In a nutshell the camera can be viewed as one of two things. An amazing point and shoot, or a pretty significant sacrifice from an SLR. It is easy to slip into the latter point but the size and portability is something that can not be overlooked. The RX100 fits in your pocket, shoots 10fps and has the biggest sensor available for a camera of its size. It also has an impressive 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens. Overall the camera packs a serious punch.

On the downsides, a 70mm lens is not all that long, white balance seems to be a struggle for the camera and the lens maxes out at f11. A build in ND filter helps this last point but it could be better. Lastly, the controls are not the most intuitive and the buttons are rather small. It is not a speed demon when it comes to setting up a shot.

Really I can rave or complain all day long but here are a few photos from the Sony RX100 III. You can be the judge for yourself.





2015_07_Sony-00556The built-in ND filter at work here.



2015_07_Sony-00454The noise performance and fast (f1.8) lens did better than expected for night photography. The star definition is similar to what you may expect from a basic SLR and a kit lens.




Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish British Columbia


Squamish BC is home to a unique tourist Gem. Climbing from sea level to the peak next to the iconic Chief rock is the Sea To Sky Gondola. Not only is this the best place to take in the Howe Sound view but it is also a great place to hike and enjoy a cold beer with lunch. At the top of the gondola is a coffee shop, gift shop, cafeteria style restaraunt and a bar which serves local, Howe Sound Brewery beer.

If you have never experienced the Sea To Sky Gondola it is worth the trip. Pack your hiking boots as you will want to spend some time exploring. When you are finished hiking you can sit back and enjoy the spectacular view with a pint in hand.

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Adventures Abroad – Driving Around Spain & Portugal


The most recent adventure takes us to Spain And Portugal where over the course of two weeks we ventured around the two countries travelling a whopping 3980km by car and seeing a whole lot along the way. From castles and churches to beaches and bridges we were there and the photo to prove it.

Have a look at these shots and start planning your next trip!

Driving Route Around Spain And Portugal

Portugal Beaches

Barbary Macak of Gibralter

Bridge of Ronda

A Harrison Weekend Getaway – With Tulips!


A short jaunt out of the city and you will find yourself in Harrison BC. Home of the Harrison Hot Springs and at the right time of year also a world renound Tulip Festival. A quick weekend trip with a few photos to prove that it actually happened and here we are.






And a few extra shots from flickr.

Hop, Skip and a Jump over the Atlantic to the United Kingdom


I recently made a trip down to the UK with work in order to train the staff at the Evan’s Cycles chain of bike stores on the 2014 Norco product. Through this trip I had the opportunity to visit Manchester and Gravesend before heading to Wales for a second event. At this second event I met a number of cyclists that offered an amazing experience. The weekend spent in Wales was all about riding for the attendees and had some opportunity for grabbing a few riding shots. These shots all come from the riding area outside of Goytre, Wales.

Here are the photos!










And a bit of a slideshow for you with some additional images

You Better Belize It! (Belize excuse the pun…)


Recently, Kelly and I made our annual fall vacation and this year we chose Belize as our destination. Having traveled to a few countries in the area (Mexico, Dominican and Costa Rica) it was exciting to see something that was geographically close yet environmentally quite different. Belize for the most part is actually situated below sea level. This fact has led to a very unique landscape that is very flat, very wet and quite beautiful.

For the sake of our vacation we chose a small hotel/resort called the X’Tan Ha. This is a quaint, secluded and absolutely beautiful spot about 7 miles north of San Pedro on the Ambergris Caye. Accessible only by boat this secluded gem offered a week of rest and relaxation away from it all. While seclusion was definitely an aspect of desire town and amenities were also quite close and easily capitalized on.

These photos are mostly from in and around the X’Tan Ha but we did actually go outside and explore. You will just have to take my word for it though…













More Photos are hosted on Flickr

Rare Bigfoot Sighting Made in Maple Ridge British Columbia


Photo By Jonathan Duncan
Bigfoot is a species in the genus of Gigantanthropus and is a distant relative of humans. While remaining a primarily solitary mammal, Bigfoot has been occasionally viewed from a distance in a less than convincing fashion. Previous to a recent indecent in Maple Ridge BC the existence of this animal was blurry and unconfirmed.

In a recent event, zoologists and Bigfoot folklorists around the world have had previous theories turned upside. Bigfoot has made its presence more than known by racing a fat-tire bicycle in a cyclocross bicycle race in Maple Ridge BC called the Pumpkin Cross. The full action of this race was caught on film and has forever changed how we will view this amazing creature which is seemingly so similar to ourselves. Not only does Bigfoot display human like demeanor but also has a drive for competition and a short fuse when it comes to winning.

Photos and Video by Jonathan Duncan

Photo By Jonathan Duncan

Photo By Jonathan Duncan

Photo By Jonathan Duncan

Photo by Jonathan Duncan Photo by Jonathan Duncan  Photo by Jonathan Duncan Photo by Jonathan Duncan Photo by Jonathan DuncanPhoto by Jonathan Duncan

Kayaking The Sunshine Coast – Thormanby Island


Kayaking is not something that I have done a lot of lately but once upon a time I worked for a Kayak rental outfit on the sunshine coast and would occasional go practice an Eskimo roll. Those times are quite a few years in the past but this past weekend it was a ton of fun to do a small camping excursion via kayak to Thormanby Island adjacent to the Sunshine Coast. Here are a few photos from our brief Buccaneer Bay home.

Gloomy Skies Overhead

^ this small image doesn’t do justice – you should click on it!




Camping at Harrison Lake’s Bear Creek – Sasquatch Sightings May Occur!


This set of photos is from camping on Harrison Lake. The Bear Creek Forestry Campsite is a great location to camp just outside of Vancouver. Camping right on the lake there are around 40 sites available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you want a great camp site about 2.5hrs from downtown Vancouver then this is a great option.

And, here are the photos…








When you need beer you have to use what is at your fingertips





My most recent media-based project was the creation of a video for BeerMeBC.com. I took a prototype Norco Bigfoot Fat Bike, Growler Cage and took a trip to the Deep Cove Brewery on an eccentric beer run. 3 Days after releasing the video has been splattered around the internet and has now been viewed in excess of 40,000 times. I hope you enjoy too!


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