The Tetrahedron’s Mt. Steele Cabin (Winter)

The Mt Steel Cabin

Distance : 7 km each way

Max Elevation : 1550 m ( 5000′ )

Elevation Gain : 900 m (2900′ )

Time : 5-9hrs up, 3-5hrs down

The Tetrahedron Provincial Park is a spectacular area for hiking and snowshoeing on the Sunshine Coast. A short ferry ride from West Vancouver’s Horseshoe bay is a town called Langdale. From here, a 20min drive North West will take you to Sechelt where you will turn and Head North through Porpoise Bay towards an area called Tuwanik. There is a FSR that turns off the right hand side of the road towards the Tetrahedron Provincial Park.

In the winter, there are daily road updates but you should not plan to drive up the FSR without 4WD and tire chains. It may seem like a good idea, but no… it is not. Starting off this hike you should have at least 2 days worth of provisions, adequate clothing and snowshoes or skins. From the main gate in winter months the hike to Mt Steele will take you through Bachelor Lake, Edwards Lake and up to Mt Steele. There are a total of 4 cabins in the area with the furthest, most rewarding being Mt Steele. Starting off from the top parking lot, it is about 1.5km before the turnoff towards Bachelor Lake. Following this, if the lake is frozen you can cross the lake on the west side and cut off about 30 min of hiking. From here you can continue for around 3km on the trail until the Edwards Lake Calendar. This will take around 2.5-3.5hrs to get to this point. The hike from here has been up, but relatively mellow. From the Edwards lake Cabin the trail rises drastically and covers around another 3km before reaching the last cabin. The Edwards Lake Cabin is at the base of the final summit of Mt Steele and offers a great view and short (1hr) hike to the summit.

The hike will take anywhere from 5hrs-9hrs depending on fitness and weather conditions during the winter. Snowshoes are absolutely mandatory for making this summit as the snow is quite deep and the weather can change quickly. Skinning is another great option but the majority of people snowshoe in this area.

Here is the Map of the trails to the cabins. Be sure to watch for the tags on the trees during extreme conditions as to not get lost. The cabins are outfitted with firewood but this is expensive to heli in each summer. Donations can be made to the Tetrahedron Ski Club through their website or at the Shell station in Wilson Creek.

8/9 The Reward

6/9 The Challenge

7/9 The Enjoyability

Above the cloud Mt Steel tetrahedron sunset Look at us, we are next to a lakeon the way up

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