Snowshoeing up Mt. Hollyburn (Cypress)


Distance : 5 km.

Max Elevation : 1325 m ( 4400′ )

Elevation Gain : 440 m (1500′ )

Time : 1.5-3 hrs

Mt. Hollyburn is the peak above the nordic area of Cypress Ski Resort. This is actually not part of the park though and is designated as ‘out of bounds’. You can rent equipment at the mountain though to use outside the boundaries of the area. (it is cheaper in the city though) When entering the nordic area of the park, before reaching the rental/ticketing building there is a trail that runs up the edge of the park boundary, this is where you will want to enter. The trails are very well-marked and are usually well tract from other hikers.

Follow the path along the edge of the park, if there are not tracks to follow, the trail is marked with poles stuck into the snow that are easily identifiable. The hike is relatively easy until you reach the upper boundary of the park. Here there is a large sign stating that anything beyond this point is out-of-bounds. There is also mention of Avalanche warnings in the area. Under regular conditions this is not an issue. If there has been a lot of recent snow however, it is worth taking into advisory. From this sign, the trail is still fairly well marked and ascends to the peak of the mountain. From the peak there is a good view of Vancouver in to the South. Overall the hike will only take 1.5-3 hrs depending on conditions and athleticism. This makes it a great morning hike for a clear winter day. If it is snowing and/or quite cloudy the top will be thick in cloud and there will not be a reward at the top.

5/9 The Reward

4/9 The Challenge

4/9 The Enjoyability

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