First impressions of a new camera and a weekend adventure

100 Mile House is not where I have typically considered going for a summer mini-vacation but that is where I was for a long weekend recently. Just east of 100 Mile is Sulpherous Lake where I stayed ina cabin for two nights enjoying the sun, the lake and some great company. In addition to the relaxing factor, the trip was also a chance to test out a recent purchase, the RX100 M3. While the M4 has now been released the main points of difference (besides the stacked sensor) come to the benefit of video performance so with stills in mind and the vision of a lighter camera I dove into the point-and-shoot market.

In a nutshell the camera can be viewed as one of two things. An amazing point and shoot, or a pretty significant sacrifice from an SLR. It is easy to slip into the latter point but the size and portability is something that can not be overlooked. The RX100 fits in your pocket, shoots 10fps and has the biggest sensor available for a camera of its size. It also has an impressive 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens. Overall the camera packs a serious punch.

On the downsides, a 70mm lens is not all that long, white balance seems to be a struggle for the camera and the lens maxes out at f11. A build in ND filter helps this last point but it could be better. Lastly, the controls are not the most intuitive and the buttons are rather small. It is not a speed demon when it comes to setting up a shot.

Really I can rave or complain all day long but here are a few photos from the Sony RX100 III. You can be the judge for yourself.





2015_07_Sony-00556The built-in ND filter at work here.



2015_07_Sony-00454The noise performance and fast (f1.8) lens did better than expected for night photography. The star definition is similar to what you may expect from a basic SLR and a kit lens.