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Experiencing Portlandish Behaviour


Heading down to Portland is not a new thing. Driving the I5 corridor is a fairly common occurrence these days with work trips down through California. Stopping and actually spending time in the city is another story.

This past weekend Kelly and I took the time to go down and experience the city. This involved some extensive beer tasting, city explorations and a trip to the surprisingly awesome Oregon Zoo. While the animals were not always looking in their most vibrant, wild selves – they are well taken care for and offer a great service of education.

Here are the photos to document the occasion.


It turns out a zoo is a magnet for children, parents, yelling and screaming. It was still pretty awesome though!


A Kiss from a Giraffe. Quite Literally.


Today’s post is something totally different. I was scrounging around through some old photos and found this old gem. It was taken with a Pentax Optio T10 and was a bit of a mess. Overexposed, low contrast, soft, etc… not good. After a few minutes of playing around the photo came back a bit and brought back the memory of a great trip to Kenya over Christmas 2006. This shot is much more about the moment than anything else.

The photo was taken at the Nairobi Giraffe Center where injured and orphaned Giraffes are taken to be nursed back to health. An amazing organization!



Sure, why not?

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