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When you need beer you have to use what is at your fingertips





My most recent media-based project was the creation of a video for I took a prototype Norco Bigfoot Fat Bike, Growler Cage and took a trip to the Deep Cove Brewery on an eccentric beer run. 3 Days after releasing the video has been splattered around the internet and has now been viewed in excess of 40,000 times. I hope you enjoy too!


Sorry for the “Dry Spell”


I have not posted anything for a bit. I guess that means that I have been doing nothing… The whole beer blog thing is taking up a fair bit of time but I will be out and about soon to take some more photos and subsequently post them here. In the meantime, here is a taste of the last few months’ ‘experiences’


My Latest Project –


While this isn’t photo specific, my latest project has taken up a ton of my time and has a bit to do with photography. Simply put, I like beer and I tend to drink a fairly large amount of it. Through the documentation of this beer drinking I have put together a website called This is a BC Beer review website that also allows users to rate their favorite brews.


Please, head over to and vote for your favorite beers. Leave your comments on the reviews as well; your feedback is appreciated!


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