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Snowy Owls on a Snowy Day in Boundary Bay


Once every few years when the lemming population runs low in Northern Canada, as a result Snowy Owls make the trip South to Boundary Bay BC. 2012 is one of these years; there are hundreds of these majestic birds calling this home as we speak! The birds hang out in the flats where they are able to hunt with ease. There are also numerous other birds of prey species in the area such as eagles and hawks. If you are looking to head out and see the owls for yourself this is where you need to go .


The video and photos were made using a Canon 7D, Canon 300mm f4l and Canon 2x extender II.









It isn’t an owl, but I also took this photo of a Northern Harrier in flight

Keeping busy in a (Vancouver) Winter Environment


Weather is subjective. A Vancouverite can only tolerate so much, while it is -40 in Alberta us west-coasters cringe at the dash rarely placed before a temperature. This weekend was one of those times where the mercury sunk below the zero mark and water became ice. Trying to venture outside the comfort zone of the average YVR local, Kelly and I went out for a couple hikes. One hike had tennis racket shoes (also known as snowshoes) while the other was slightly more traditional.

here are a few photos from the two different hikes. These shots come from Mt Seymour Provincial Park and Deer Lake Park in Burnaby BC.







Hiking to a view with no view


Today I hiked up to the top of Mt Hollyburn. This is a mountain in the Nordic area of the Cypress Ski area in West Vancouver BC. Snowshoeing up the ridge there was about 15cm of powder on about 100cm base so the conditions were pretty good. Plus it was snowing pretty hard the whole way up. A great day for a hike, but at the top there was no view whatsoever… In fact the visibility was very poor with the snow coming down. Nevertheless, I snapped a few photos before heading back down. I will do this hike again in the coming months to try and get some photos from the top. In the meantime, here are a few shots from today.

On the drive back down into the city the sky opened a bit and gave a nice view over Vancouver’s West End and the Harbour.

A hemisphere away makes for a bit of a story to tell


My latest endeavor took me all the way to the other side of the World. Over the span of three weeks I travelled down the west coast of Australia seeing as much as possible between Cape Tribulation and Sydney. Starting off in Cairns, I drove north through Daintree and up to Cape Tribulation. Following this, the drive took me South along the coast to Airlie Beach where a three day sailing trip was in order. Wow, if you you are ever in the area, spring the cash and go for a sail. It is worth every penny. Post sailing, I continued South to Brisbane where I spent a few days before venturing to the Gold Coast. From the Gold Coast, a bit of a short cut was in order so after flying to Sydney I finished off the trip in the city.

Between the beautiful beaches, incredible nature, wonderful cities and of course the people Australia is a magical place. Worth every second and every penny. As with my lack of writing style of the blog, let’s get the photos to tell the story. Which ones are your favorites? If you really like them, check out more in the complete flickr album.

The Ferry to Daintree National Forest

A Single Mangrove Tree reaching into the sea

A basking crock, warming in the morning sun

The magnificent Cassowary, showing off its colours

Camping, Australia Style... (it is a bit different)

Sailing the Whitsunday Islands on the S.T. Whitehaven

The sleaping sailor, settled in for the night

The distance view of Surfer's Paradise

The sun setting over Miami Beach on the Gold Coast

Day time activities on the Gold Coast are… As expected…
No Australia trip is complete without…
As I said, the wildlife was magnificent.
A walk on the beach beside the setting sun
The Cormorants had vibrant faces like no other.
The Opera House is a staple of Sydney. The incredible texture is not always illustrated though.
This is a little more typical, but Sydney was a great place to end a wonderful trip. I would love to go back soon and see all that was missed.

If you skipped reading at the top, you missed out on this link… check out more photos from this latest trip at


Until next time, Happy Travels!



Get outa’ my house!


This one bird was not into the whole sharing thing… I guess there is that whole Darwinian fittest thing at stake but still? isn’t there enough there for everyone?

humming around the feeder


I have always loved hummingbirds. Amazing little creatures!

One More Bird


I have been posting a lot of Bird and lake photos lately… These have all been from Deer Lake Park In Burnaby BC. I do really like this photo though.

A startled Pigeon


That Duck is Staring Me Down!


Shooting the birds


I’ve never really tried taking photos of birds before, but this was kind of fun chasing the ducks around.

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