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I have had my camera with me a lot lately. Mostly tucked in a bag though longing to be ‘shuttering’. work has been nuts and not of the photo kind so there is not a lot to show from the last couple weeks. That said, here are a few random photos from when I did manage to pull the ole’ camera out of its bag.

Vancouver In Turmoil on a  Summer's Night
This photo stays close to home. A shot of Vancouver from yours truly’s beer drinking patio

Black Mountain Pond
I made the hike over Mt Hollyburn through Cypress and over Black Mountain to the Eagle Bluffs. This was a random pond along the way.

Eagle Bluffs Viewpoint
The view from eagle Bluffs is one of the best in or around the city.

The Gypsy Tears are Delicious
I brought a beer… no big deal

Vancouver Night Colours
The view of Vancouver from Lonsdale Quay is overshot and stereotypical. But worth shooting none-the-less

Scaling the Walls of Black Mountain


Black Mountain Panorama

There are so many hikes in and around the Vancouver area. One pretty famous trail is the Baden Powell. While not many people hike the 45km trail that runs from Deep Cove to Horeshoe Bay there are segments that make for great day hikes. There is one such segment that starts at the West end of the Trail in Horseshoe bay. A small pullout next to the ferry on Horseshoe Bay Road marks the trail head and the hike starts off wide and moderate. Soon though the trail starts up the steep side-slope of Black Mountain. This is a switchback climb that makes your quads and glutes have a bit of a workout. There are also a couple of Rock-Slide areas that you must scale to get to the top. Not overly challenging just a bit of a workout and some uneasy footing. Once through the slide areas there is a little more trail before an easy rock scramble to the top. Once at the summit there is a 270 degree view looking from the sunshine coast panning over to downtown. Beautiful hike and a great reward. This took around 3hrs return at a decent hiking pace.

I found this info on the hike. I don’t Buy it though. I would peg it more around 12km. It is also listed as a 7hr hike

Elevation Gain: 1192 m
Start Elevation: 25 m
Max Elevation: 1217 m
Total Distance: 16.0 km (return)










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