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Tofino Trippin – A few photos from an island escape


Tofino, it has everything! Wind, sun, rain, fog, waves, and a few other things along the way. On a recent Island trip which involved 6 ferries, some driving, walking and beaching I took a few photos. This is what they looked like.

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Sea To Sky Gondola in Squamish British Columbia


Squamish BC is home to a unique tourist Gem. Climbing from sea level to the peak next to the iconic Chief rock is the Sea To Sky Gondola. Not only is this the best place to take in the Howe Sound view but it is also a great place to hike and enjoy a cold beer with lunch. At the top of the gondola is a coffee shop, gift shop, cafeteria style restaraunt and a bar which serves local, Howe Sound Brewery beer.

If you have never experienced the Sea To Sky Gondola it is worth the trip. Pack your hiking boots as you will want to spend some time exploring. When you are finished hiking you can sit back and enjoy the spectacular view with a pint in hand.

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Squamish Sea To Sky Gondola

Hiking outside of Whistler BC – Garibaldi Lake


Garibaldi Lake is a glacially fed destination to the southeast of Whistler BC. This is a hiking destination which may be a bit of an effort but is also 100% worth the effort. Taking at least 4 hours or so at a reasonable hiking pace this 20km or so hike takes you through a typical BC forest into sub-alpine terrain. Walking through wildflower meadows beneath the well known landmark Black Tusk this is not only extremely beautiful but also gives great context to the alpine peaks surrounding Whistler.

If you have never considered this hike and call the area home this should definitely be on the hit list. Starting off between Squamish and Whistler a short gravel road drive will take you to the trail head before a well marked trail escorts you to the top. On a summer weekend there will undoubtedly be traffic along the way but the beauty of the lake, wildlife and scenery is like nothing else. Do yourself a favour and make this BC adventure a priority!








The Wine at My Back – Touring the Vinyards of Oliver BC


The Okanagan is really very close to Vancouver. What may seem like eons away is really only a few hours drive from the bustle of the city. This past weekend we made the four hour drive east to Oliver BC for a weekend of Wining and Dining. On tour of the top wineries BC’s Okanagan has to offer here is a visual run-down of what the weekend entailed. The wineries in question span between Oliver and Osoyoos where dozens of vineyards are each taking part in the wine boom.

Hope Slide Rock Field

The BC Ride To Conquer Cancer – Another Year, Another Amazing Event!


Another year, another series of Ride To Conquer Cancer Events. Traveling with Norco bicycles I was lucky enough to be helping out at the recent BC Ride to Conquer Cancer that took some 2800 riders from Vancouver to Seattle. With favorable weather comes less bike issues so this was the smoothest BC ride yet. By no means were we bored or looking for things to do but the waves of bikes came at a slower pace this year as riders experienced less mechanical issues with their bikes. These are amazing events and if you are considering participating, you should the riders in the BC ride alone have raised more than $50 Million Dollars going to the BC Cancer Foundation.


Thank you To everyone that participated in the event. Next up is Montreal on August 10-11th. See you there!



Vancouver Celebrates Bike To Work Week


Vancouver is a pretty great city to be a cyclist. While it hasn’t always been so, the bike lanes, routes and transit options within our great city are now pervasive enough to enable the functioning of a great cycle-centric community. Twice a year HUB, formerly the, puts on an event called Bike to Work Week which encourages people to get on their bike and you guessed it – ride to work. While I didn’t personally ride to work during the event, I was able to help out around the city offering tech support and assistance to anyone that did. The weather was a little wet but the number of riders participating was high and the whole week saw a ton of riders on the streets of Vancouver.

Vancouver Turns 125, Let’s Celebrate!


Vancouver is in it’s 125th year and to celebrate the city has put on a free concert series in Stanley Park. Heading down to watch Said The Whale perform in the Park I snapped a few photos. Here they are!

Vancouver a beautiful city and a great place to live!






Vancouver City At Night

I thought spring was here, apparently I was wrong.


Coming up to the end of February, it seemed to me that Spring was close. It was getting warmer, flowers were starting to sprout and the days were seeming longer. With that in mind, the bike came out and was ready to spring into the season. But… then it started snowing, raining, freezing and getting pretty much miserable. Oh well, any day on the bike is a good one right?





Going Capital


This past weekend I made the trek over to Victoria BC, our lovely capital. In addition to being a beautiful city it is also extremely historical and the home of some of the best food and drink around. I lived in Victoria for about three years but left after departing from UVic. The city is amazing though and any excuse to head over there is a good one as far as I am concerned. The trip was not a photo mission so the camera only made a few appearances along the way but nevertheless here are a few pics from the weekend.


The lights on the Legislative buildings give a cheerful, warm feeling to one of the most influential buildings in BC.


The inside of St Mary’s Church is breathtaking, the stone pillars support the massively towering ceiling.


Have to rest a bit along the way and the beaches are a great place to do it. It is always nice to have a model to help make it look even better though…


Last but not least, this is from a shop in Chinatown… Can you say consumerism????

Until the next worthy adventure,



Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival


Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival is the largest cycling event in North America. Spanning over the course of 9 Days there are more than a dozen different races and competitions wowing the crowds. I had the privilege of spending 7 days in Whistler this year during the festival and took a few photos over the course of the week.  The event is huge and is definitely worth watching. Next year, if you have a few days to spare head on up to Whistler and take in some of the action.

Angie Racing the Pumptrack

Spectators at the Slopestyle

Fionn Racing the Canadian Open DH

Sam Dueck Superflipping for the crowd. This photo won Photo of the Day at

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