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Vancouver Celebrates Bike To Work Week


Vancouver is a pretty great city to be a cyclist. While it hasn’t always been so, the bike lanes, routes and transit options within our great city are now pervasive enough to enable the functioning of a great cycle-centric community. Twice a year HUB, formerly the, puts on an event called Bike to Work Week which encourages people to get on their bike and you guessed it – ride to work. While I didn’t personally ride to work during the event, I was able to help out around the city offering tech support and assistance to anyone that did. The weather was a little wet but the number of riders participating was high and the whole week saw a ton of riders on the streets of Vancouver.

Bike To Work Week – Takin’ It To The Streets


Bike To Work Week is something that holds some hidden resentment. We all like the idea of being eco-friendly, saving money, being healthy etc. etc. etc…

But then, it is really easy to strap yourself to the top of the Hemi and catch the easy train into work. I know this solely because I am describing myself. Despite my discomfort in the rain, and affinity towards dry warm places – this past week I took part in Bike to Work Week. For the first half of the week I rode my bike into work. A total of 120km in two days. For the second half of the week though I took it to the streets to do some photoggin’ and bike repairs. Plus, after a bit of rain, the sun came out and made for an awesome end to the week.

It isn’t all bad… Plus, June is Bike Month so maybe continuing on with the whole enviro-health-$$$ kick could be a good idea?









Bike To Work Week – The Morning in 9 photos


May 30th – June 5th is Bike To Work Week in Vancouver BC. An initiative set up to encourage people to set down the car keys and give the bicycle a chance it can be a great choice for health, the environment and simply feeling good. That said, the 5:45 wake up call, slow drizzle and single digit temperatures do not exude the same level of inspiration. That said, it is Bike To Work Week and I will do my best to ride my bike into the office as much as possible. Wednesday’s hockey game is a sphinx that I have not yet solved though. Anyways, here is a quick photo lay-up that shows the morning commute. Tough to take photos while riding but I think this gives a decent account of the morning’s commute.

Bike To Work Week


3rd time is the charm,


Here is a my third time lapse that I have done. This is a Bike To Work Week station in Vancouver BC. The song is “The Mop” by Shugo Tokumaru.

Bike to Work Week – making it intense!


Since it is bike to work week and I have spent the last two mornings absolutely soaked on my 25km commute into work I figured I would do something about that today. Here is the route in about 1:44.  Sum41 also makes commuting by bike seem much more intense. . . not that it isn’t extreme on its own…

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