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Posts of In-Substantiality – A Rainy Vancouver Day


Things have been quiet lately. In relative inactivity I have completed my first game of Super-Scrabble. As you may guess, this is like scrabble only bigger, better and more bad-ass. looking back at the board though, we have a few ‘questionable’ words. Either way… pretty fun game. In celebration of a verbose win the sun came out for an hour or so and allowed for a photo.

Hopefully there will be more to post soon.




The Shore Being as Classic as it Can Get


When I think of the mountain biking on Vancouver’s North Shore very clear images come to mind. I think of mist, trees, darkness, ladder bridges, the forest, water and the clouds.

When the stars align this actually happens and today was one of those days. This is Fromme Mountain as I picture it. This is why I ride the shore.





Contrast and Texture Focused Black and White


I will be honest. I have some time off coming up to the Christmas Season and have had a bit of time on my hands. This free time makes room for mountain biking, hiking, procrastinating and camera bafoonery. I went for a walk and brought my camera with me today. My goal was nothing more to capture contrast and texture. To emphasise the goal I processed the images into B&W.

Another Non-Photo Mission


Last weekend I head over to Nanaimo to go ride, visit with friends and have a jolly old time. While I threw my camera in my bag just in case, this was the only shot I took on the three day trip. It was kinda nice to be able to experience the trip through my eyes rather than a viewfinder.


new to old


I have always liked the noisiness and imperfection of old photos. Really now, all I can do is try to reproduce the effect through taking a certain style of photo then manipulating it digitally. Not something that I will say I am great at but I think this came across in the right direction.

A Dash of Black and White


Another car shot. I thought that the antiquity nature of this car though fit well with the black and white feel. This was also another experiment with over exposure.

Another try with B&W


I really like the texture of the brick with the B&W in this photo. It is a little different from my usual but it gives ideas for many days to come.

one more try with B&W


a lil different than yesterday, and not necessarily new, but a new twist on some old fun!

a lil B&W


B&W is always fun to play with!

Training Wheels, I remember those


Love the Training wheels. . .

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