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Hiking the Tetrahedron Provincial Park


A great place to go hiking/camping is the Tetrahedron Provincial Park. Out of Sechelt BC, this is a ski/snowshoe area in the winter and a great hike in the summer. There are 4 cabins in the area ranging from 2-10km from the main parking lot. These photos are the hike out to Mt Steele which is about 8km out. This hike can be done in a day but also makes for a great over night trip. More info on the area can be found at Also a few more photos can be found on flickr at

The cabin from a different eye


Believe it or not, this is the same cabin as yesterday’s post. This time it is a little darker though. You will notice the light coming from the cabin, this is actually someone’s headlamp from inside.

Simply a cabin in the snow.


This photo is a little bit different. I really enjoy the contrast of the red roof and blue sky in this photo. This is the Mt. Steele Cabin located in the Tetrahedron Forest Reserve.

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