I have had my camera with me a lot lately. Mostly tucked in a bag though longing to be ‘shuttering’. work has been nuts and not of the photo kind so there is not a lot to show from the last couple weeks. That said, here are a few random photos from when I did manage to pull the ole’ camera out of its bag.

Vancouver In Turmoil on a  Summer's Night
This photo stays close to home. A shot of Vancouver from yours truly’s beer drinking patio

Black Mountain Pond
I made the hike over Mt Hollyburn through Cypress and over Black Mountain to the Eagle Bluffs. This was a random pond along the way.

Eagle Bluffs Viewpoint
The view from eagle Bluffs is one of the best in or around the city.

The Gypsy Tears are Delicious
I brought a beer… no big deal

Vancouver Night Colours
The view of Vancouver from Lonsdale Quay is overshot and stereotypical. But worth shooting none-the-less