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A Vancouver Evening Floats By


The City of Vancouver is an amazing place and I have been lazy. My lack of updating this blog has no excuse… So here is something.

My deck is also an amazing place… and it has an amazing view of the city. When the wind comes in from the west on a semi-clear evening the clouds do a dance. This is the show through my window that I love to watch.

The Shore Being as Classic as it Can Get


When I think of the mountain biking on Vancouver’s North Shore very clear images come to mind. I think of mist, trees, darkness, ladder bridges, the forest, water and the clouds.

When the stars align this actually happens and today was one of those days. This is Fromme Mountain as I picture it. This is why I ride the shore.





A Snowshoe Through the Clouds


I went snowshoeing up Mt Seymour yesterday. Climbing through the clouds the visibility was pretty poor but it did open up enough to snap a few photos along the way. I have now hiked this route twice but have yet to see the supposed view from the top. Another day! All the photos below were taken using a Canon 7D and a Canon 300mm f4l lens.





Another Non-Photo Mission


Last weekend I head over to Nanaimo to go ride, visit with friends and have a jolly old time. While I threw my camera in my bag just in case, this was the only shot I took on the three day trip. It was kinda nice to be able to experience the trip through my eyes rather than a viewfinder.


sunset on the lake


A sight of the Rockies




This is a panorama from The Squamish Chief looking out over the inlet. The clouds flatten the image but I still think it turned out pretty well. (click on it to see abigger version)

Something totally different – Time Lapse


Today I thought I would try something totally different. It may not be the best example out there but this is my first attempt at creating a time lapse video. This is the view over Vancouver from Burnaby as the sun is going down. I had fun making this and may have to try a different execution of it soon!

Amazing Clouds


The clouds in this photo are AWESOME. The silhouette is almost as good… The photo is the North side of SFU in Burnaby BC.

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