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A Decent Show Shadowed by Poor Location



I usually don’t have many bad things to say about concerts but I do have a bit of a bone to pick with the Performance Works Theatre on Granville Island. First off, I walked in with my camera on my shoulder in plain sight. There was no signage about cameras, the box office never mentioned anything and the ticket guy/bag checker had nothing bad to say. It was once I was in a sea of cameras on the floor when I tried to take a picture. A t-shirt wearing non-comb owner proceeded to approach and ask if I was accredited…

As I stand in the crowd maxing my ISO trying to be as unobtrusive as possible I am being blinded by point and shoot flashes galore and I get singled out. Sorry, but that is a bit ridiculous. If nothing else, allowing a few photos might make it so that someone if Vancouver actually knows what Performance Works even is. I sure didn’t before last night and neither did the three people I was with.

After shouldering my camera for the evening (except the one shot above) I was then able to enjoy the continuous buzz emanating from the underpowered speakers in the room. That compounded with reverberation in the machine shop converted venue made the sound a struggle to enjoy.


Overall, I would like to say that the Bell Game and Aidan Knight both played great sets. Their music was great and the show very entertaining. I would go see either of them again if they were to play in an improved location.


That is enough bitching for one day.



The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Lights Up Vancouver


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, or as you may know them, “that band from the Heineken commercial” ended their North American tour in Vancouver. Touring with Vacationer the Danish Pop-Band led by Mette Lindberg had their wrap up concert at the Venue on Granville St. The band’s energy was electric, the sound wonderful and the whole gig was a great event.

While I was trying to enjoy the show I did bring along my camera to grab a couple of photos from the show. Thanks Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Vacationer and Venue for a great show!






The highlight of the night for me was the cover of Men Without Hats – Safety Dance. An absolutely ridiculous song from a ridiculous time tied together with a ridiculous music video. The audio is not amazing in this clip but it is still worth a watch.


A Weekend of Birthday Celebration – Happy 125th Vancouver


The third day of Vancouver 125 Birthday Celebrations (I only went to 2) was a whole line-up of musical acts but the headline evening concert was the Recent Vancouver Legend Dan Mangan. Playing in his Home-town City Dan brought life to the massive crowd putting on an awesome show.

Happy Birthday Vancouver!










Vancouver Turns 125, Let’s Celebrate!


Vancouver is in it’s 125th year and to celebrate the city has put on a free concert series in Stanley Park. Heading down to watch Said The Whale perform in the Park I snapped a few photos. Here they are!

Vancouver a beautiful city and a great place to live!






Vancouver City At Night

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