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Grip it and Whip it at Crankworx


One of the most entertaining events at the Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival in Whistler BC is the Whip Off World Champs. Taking place on the trail Crab Apple Hits, massive jumps create the stage of competition. If you are unfamiliar with a ‘whip’ it comes from motocross and is called a moto-whip. The idea is to turn the bike sideways in the air then bring it back before landing. The spectacle is quite entertaining.


Here are a few photos from this year’s event.


and then there are these guys… Sometimes you just have to get naked and go for a bike ride.


Crankworx Riding Shinanigans


I have spent the last week or so up in the madness of Crankworx. The biggest cycling festival in North America draws thousands of people out to watch some of the gnarliest mountain biking in the world.

While I was up at Crankworx I had the opportunity to ride the new Top of the World trail that drops in off the Peak Chair. What an amazing ride. The views, terrain and riding are all spectacular!!! not a beginner trail but if you can bring some skillz with you then have at her.


Dropping in at entrance to The Top of the world.


Jay Hoots Skirting the Alpine Ridge


Riding the Rock while Tusk watches from a distance




The Joyride Crowds Get Rather Large


Yeah, I could probably flip that… If I wanted to.


Keep it low in the Air DH


A game of Tuck and Scrub


Heckle Rock is kink of an ordeal…


Ben Reid Didn’t seem to concerned.

A Crankworx Pre-Update Video Update


Crankworx is now over and I have a TON of photos to go through from the event. While I do that you can enjoy a few clips spliced together from The Canadian Open DH Heckle Rock. Photos to come soon!


Danny Macaskill and Ryan Leech – Legends Unite


Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx is all about Going Big. Whether it is DH, Slalom, Slopestyle or even Cheese Rolling, Crankworx will always push it up one notch and go a little farther than expected or even imagined possible. With that in mind there is almost a pre-conceived notion for the festival that can almost make it seem predictable. This past Saturday however, The Ryan Leech Trials Demonstration was a little different than the usual.

Youtube sensation and trials/street riding extraordinaire Danny Macaskill made a guest appearance at the 2pm Ryan Leech Trials Demonstration where the two rode together for the first time ever. While they are both masters of the sport, the riding styles of Ryan and Danny could not be more different. Ryan is a a composed, methodical and precise rider while Danny is Fluid, momentum driven and powerful rider. As I said, both incredible to watch, but still approach each obstacle in a completely different manner.








Printacularly Photographic


The latest issue of Mountain Bike Action magazine (April 2011) has one of my photos in it. I think that is pretty cool. The shot is of mountain biker Sam Dueck at the 2010 Kokanee Crankworx Monster Slopestyle Competition in Whistler BC. This may not totally fit with the nature of the blog, but this did come out of a past ‘adventure’. In fact, I even put this photo in a previous post. If you missed it back in August, here it is.

I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty cool!


Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival


Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival is the largest cycling event in North America. Spanning over the course of 9 Days there are more than a dozen different races and competitions wowing the crowds. I had the privilege of spending 7 days in Whistler this year during the festival and took a few photos over the course of the week.  The event is huge and is definitely worth watching. Next year, if you have a few days to spare head on up to Whistler and take in some of the action.

Angie Racing the Pumptrack

Spectators at the Slopestyle

Fionn Racing the Canadian Open DH

Sam Dueck Superflipping for the crowd. This photo won Photo of the Day at

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