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A Quick Sea Otter Update


Just a quick update. A few photos after the first day of the 2012 Sea Otter Classic held at the Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey California.






Another Shot at Time-lapse From a Different Perspective


I have done a few time-lapse videos over the past 18 months or so. This one is a little different though. This was taken from one perspective through the whole video. That perspective is from my chest. Mounting the camera to my chest using the strap and a bicycle tube I took a photo every second while riding a local favorite XC loop. I set this up with a 10mm lens at 1/50th of a second for the ride. Cool result too, a little rough at times but worked pretty well. I would consider doing this again with a tighter mount and a slightly shorter exposure time.

You be the judge though, what do you think?

The Ride To Conquer Cancer – Vancouver To Seattle


The BC Ride To Conquer Cancer is a 2 Day, 220km ride from Vancouver BC to Seattle Washington. For 2011, more than 2800 riders raised in excess of $11.1 Million. WOW!

With work, I took on the challenge of keeping all of these bikes in working order for the duration. Offering free tech support to the onslaught of cyclists I do not want to see another flat tire for some time. With countless flats, bent wheels, mis-aligned derailleurs, missing pedal cleats, etc. etc. etc. I am happy it is over but I had a lot of fun at the event.

Next weekend I am doing the same thing all over again in Calgary. I will update on that one in a week or so.


and a video.

Spring Series Racing – Kicking off the racing.


The 2011 road racing season has now kicked off. The Escape Velocity Racing Series is underway with two racing under the belt. The cool air and rested legs help to make for a soft start to the season. These early races are a great way to loosen up for the larger events in months to come. Here are a few shots from the race a couple of weeks back.





Moab Utah – Red Rock Rumble


So, I was recently able to make a trek to Moab Utah (for the second time) and what an area it is. From incredible vistas, amazing rock formations and a sporting environment out of this world if you have never been I would suggest adding it to the list. Here are a few photos from the trip.

Adoring the View

Wile-E-Coyote Rock

A beautiful spire


The Weather Can Change in a Heartbeat

There are a few photos but there are many more up in this flickr album. Have a look through and comment on anything you like. I also through together a bit of a photo/video montage from that trip so if you have a few minutes to spare check this out!

Whistler’s Granfondo 2010


As I am catching up on this blog post, unfortunately I will have to be brief. This is because I am actually already onto my next adventure through Nevada and Utah. Here are some photos from the RBC Granfondo a few weeks back though.

The Feed Zone

Tech Support

90km in and ready for a break

a small pack of the fast guys

racing around the bend


Another riding shot, with a little better light…


A quick break from the ride.


Intended Usage?


I recently upgraded my camera, but didn’t get rid of the old one. I am starting to think though that is would be a great camera to bring along on outdoor adventures. It is light and small, plus I am not as worried about damaging it…

This photo does not exactly represent the intended use of this bike… Meh, if it can handle it, goes to show something about the bike.

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