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Why are you still inside? It is time to snowshoe!


As the mountain biking trails are starting to wind down my mind must think differently. It is time shift the mindset to skiing, boarding, snowshoeing and other snow-bound activities. One easy, local and free activity is snowshoeing up Mt Hollyburn where the effort is rewarded with a magnificent view of Vancouver. If you are thinking where the heck is Hollyburn? It is the nordic area of Cypress Mountain. The hike takes about 2hrs return but is actually outside the cypress boundaries so a park pass is not required. It gets cold at the top so bring an extra layer for the peak! If you want the nitty-gritty details you can see a map and elevation profile through this Strava recording


Here are some photos from the hike. The day was gorgeous with clouds hovering over the mountains but clearing over the city. The afternoon light was magnificent!


Random photos from happenings of things


I have had my camera with me a lot lately. Mostly tucked in a bag though longing to be ‘shuttering’. work has been nuts and not of the photo kind so there is not a lot to show from the last couple weeks. That said, here are a few random photos from when I did manage to pull the ole’ camera out of its bag.

Vancouver In Turmoil on a  Summer's Night
This photo stays close to home. A shot of Vancouver from yours truly’s beer drinking patio

Black Mountain Pond
I made the hike over Mt Hollyburn through Cypress and over Black Mountain to the Eagle Bluffs. This was a random pond along the way.

Eagle Bluffs Viewpoint
The view from eagle Bluffs is one of the best in or around the city.

The Gypsy Tears are Delicious
I brought a beer… no big deal

Vancouver Night Colours
The view of Vancouver from Lonsdale Quay is overshot and stereotypical. But worth shooting none-the-less

Cypress Falls, A Great Hike That You Have Never Heard Of.


Feeling like the first real sign of Summer, this past weekend was a flurry of activity. One such outing was trying out the Cypress Falls hiking trail. Starting off at the end of Woodgreen Pl. in West Vancouver this is a 90min or so easy hike up to a beautiful waterfall. Stay on the west side of Cypress Creek and it is pretty hard to get lost. A great hike that seems to be fairly unknown.

Here is the start of the trail. Park next to the tennis courts and it is pretty hard to miss

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And here are a few pics from the hike.





Hiking to a view with no view


Today I hiked up to the top of Mt Hollyburn. This is a mountain in the Nordic area of the Cypress Ski area in West Vancouver BC. Snowshoeing up the ridge there was about 15cm of powder on about 100cm base so the conditions were pretty good. Plus it was snowing pretty hard the whole way up. A great day for a hike, but at the top there was no view whatsoever… In fact the visibility was very poor with the snow coming down. Nevertheless, I snapped a few photos before heading back down. I will do this hike again in the coming months to try and get some photos from the top. In the meantime, here are a few shots from today.

On the drive back down into the city the sky opened a bit and gave a nice view over Vancouver’s West End and the Harbour.

The Olympic Rings in a Beautiful City


This is a night shot of Vancouver from the incredible Cypress Mountain Lookout. If you look closely you can spot the Olympic Rings peeking out from behind the trees in Stanley Park.

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