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The Sunshine Coaster DH – Where Did The Rat Go?


The Sunshine Coaster DH, formerly known as the Rat Race is a great little event in Roberts Creek BC. This is a 40min ferry ride north of Vancouver on the Sunshine Coast. I decided to head over to the event to participate in the DH race portion of the event. Not usually a DH kinda racer but what the hell right? To keep it a little closer to home I rode my 5″ travel All Mountain bike.

A 5″ travel All Mountain Bike is not necessarily the best choice for a DH race but being relatively flat and mellow I figured I would give it a try. Didn’t set any land speed records on this one but settled into a respectable 5th place in the field of 38. I was pretty stoked. Next year we’ll shoot for podium.

Given that I was racing, it was not the most convenient event to take photos at but I managed to get a few after my run. I also have a gopro practice run from a few days prior.



Photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

photo by Dustan Sept

Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival


Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx Mountain Bike Festival is the largest cycling event in North America. Spanning over the course of 9 Days there are more than a dozen different races and competitions wowing the crowds. I had the privilege of spending 7 days in Whistler this year during the festival and took a few photos over the course of the week.  The event is huge and is definitely worth watching. Next year, if you have a few days to spare head on up to Whistler and take in some of the action.

Angie Racing the Pumptrack

Spectators at the Slopestyle

Fionn Racing the Canadian Open DH

Sam Dueck Superflipping for the crowd. This photo won Photo of the Day at

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