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one more push with the petal, not the bike type though


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The correct exposure or the right exposure


I have always struggled with the artistic vs scientific approaches to photography. I typically expose things to a scientific level but miss out on the artistic deviations. This photo was purposely overexposed in an attempt to soften the image. I need to tell myself over and over again in situations like this that the correct exposure is not always the right exposure…

An Impressive Eight Legged Creature


Somehow this spider managed to catch a wasp… without actually having a web? That is a pretty awesome spider if you ask me. That is like catching a fish with a line but no hook! Besides that though, I thought it made a pretty sweet photo. I particularly like the vibrance and depth of field between the flower and the greenery in the background

The champ with some flowers


I like this photo…. This is as simple as a flower in the foreground, but if you look in the background you will notice the UCI stripes racing in the Sea Otter Dual Slalom course. Simple, but a little deeper than meets the eye

Another Flower, Another Bee


Another Flower – They are everywhere


The flowers are everywhere in Vancouver, we really are probably 6 weeks ahead of any year I can remember.

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