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Spring Garden Awesomeness – The Bee’s Knees!


It is spring, yet I will pretend for now that it is already summer… (ssshhh, don’t spoil it.)

it seems almost a spring redundancy to do a post based on the summer flowers blooming in the backyard but here it is… Purple flowers, bees and a few beers out of camera’s sight and here we are. What a great Sunday afternoon.





Taking some time to slow down


Well, the title of the blog insinuates an urgency, a rush and a desire to move a little quicker than comfortable. Well, I have not exactly been illustrating these traits lately. 2011 has been a bit of a slower start than years past. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, it is just different and to be honest it has been kind of nice. That said, in a few more weeks things will likely start to ramp up again and get rolling a littleĀ  quicker but in the meantime it is alright to take some time to relax.

This new state of Zen has not really met the requirements of an adventure or experience to write about but the camera is still here, and the photos are still being taken. Until the next true adventure, I have picked a few random photos from the past little bit that I thought appropriate.

More soon,


The vivid colour of a tulip
The same flower, equally vivid yet b&w
Taking a break from unpacking, time for soup.
I posted a photo of Condensation last year, I thought I would follow that up with a little more. I love the texture and contrast of the water droplets.
More condensation, this one i like even more with the fade in DOF.

The Curse of the lawn nap


Apparently I am not the only one that gets sleepy out on the lawn in the sun. I was out in the lawn with my camera while the neighbors cat walked down the lawn, stopped, yawned, then kept on going.I really like the expression on the Cat’s face in this photo, it is just too bad that there is a leaf in the way. I thought and I thought but I am pretty sure there is no way to replicate this photo again framing it differently. I have found it quite difficult to make cats yawn on command.

A smelly, but kind of cool plant… Skunk Cabbage


They call it mellow-yellow


The Daffodils are out, Have I mentioned how much I love spring?

The Blades of Spring


Yellow Blossoms and a Sunburst


Spring is buzzing


The flowers are blooming, the bees are a buzzing. Great time to be in Vancouver!

More Flowers, Mother Nature is Confused…


More spring flowers have popped up in my backyard. It will be a beautiful Olympic opening ceremony tomorrow… Maybe not the best though, it should probably be a little bit cooler?

Spring Flowers for the Winter Olympics


With the Vancouver Winter Olympics kicking off this Friday we are all still thinking about skiing, toboggoning, snowball fights and Ice Skating. No wait… It is February and the flowers in my backyard are blooming.

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