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Tofino Trippin – A few photos from an island escape


Tofino, it has everything! Wind, sun, rain, fog, waves, and a few other things along the way. On a recent Island trip which involved 6 ferries, some driving, walking and beaching I took a few photos. This is what they looked like.

2016_09_tofino-1412 2016_09_tofino-1414 2016_09_tofino-1416 2016_09_tofino-1420 2016_09_tofino-1428 2016_09_tofino-1434 2016_09_tofino-1450 2016_09_tofino-1451 2016_09_tofino-1485 2016_09_tofino-1493 2016_09_tofino-1498 2016_09_tofino-1502 2016_09_tofino-1513 2016_09_tofino-06915 2016_09_tofino-06920 2016_09_tofino-06923 2016_09_tofino-06940 2016_09_tofino-06945 2016_09_tofino-06990

Winter is behind us and Summer is just around the corner


Dustan.Sept-40Dustan.Sept-79Spring is arriving and with that comes the clearing of our local trail systems. While snowshoeing may have been the preferred means of travel in the past, these times are changing. With the warming air comes the absence of snow and the drying up of the forest floor. It may only be February but the trails are a sure sight that winter is behind us and summer is just around the corner.

More to come soon.


Letting the dog take us for a walk


Getting out there doesn’t always mean an epic-trans-continental adventure… Realizing that taking a dog for a walk can be an adventure on its owncan open real doors in enjoyment and photography. The following photos are nothing more than a walk in the park. But, at the same time taking the camera along on an otherwise non-adventure made for a fun deviation from simplicity. Getting Gus (the Bernese Mountain Dog) excited was as easy as pie and made for a great time and resulted in some great photos.






Crossing the Creek


I love BC…

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