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Why are you still inside? It is time to snowshoe!


As the mountain biking trails are starting to wind down my mind must think differently. It is time shift the mindset to skiing, boarding, snowshoeing and other snow-bound activities. One easy, local and free activity is snowshoeing up Mt Hollyburn where the effort is rewarded with a magnificent view of Vancouver. If you are thinking where the heck is Hollyburn? It is the nordic area of Cypress Mountain. The hike takes about 2hrs return but is actually outside the cypress boundaries so a park pass is not required. It gets cold at the top so bring an extra layer for the peak! If you want the nitty-gritty details you can see a map and elevation profile through this Strava recording


Here are some photos from the hike. The day was gorgeous with clouds hovering over the mountains but clearing over the city. The afternoon light was magnificent!


Fog, snow, sun and some fun


I started out this morning by heading to Port Moody to take some photos in the fog. It was fun to play around but it was actually a little too foggy. I was hoping that the fog was going to lift while I was there but it took just a little too long. Oh Well, next time.



Here is a short timelapse where I was hoping the fog would lift. Without that, it is rather uneventful.

Following the morning in Port Moody I head over to Cypress Mountain to snowshoe up to the peak of Mt Hollyburn. This is the peak above the nordic ski area. With such a beautiful day I took a few shots on the way up.



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