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Another Sea Otter Classic in the Bag


Another Year at the Sea Otter Classic. This year though the trip south was extended slightly through dealer visits, a marketing conference and then finally to the Laguna Seca Raceway for the main Event. Over the course of 16 days I visited 11 bike shops, watched 11 Ryan Leech demos and managed to squeak in 2 short mountain bike rides. As usual here I will let a few of the pictures from the trip speak instead of an essay of blathering..


Mt Shasta always looks good!

There is something about driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.



Gettin’ some air

The mosh pit of Sea Otter

Getting in some practice laps.

Team Norco International following the Dual Slalom.

Jill Kintner took home a couple of victories over the weekend.

A Team Mechanic doesn’t bring normal things on a ride.

Bryn Atkinson turning some heads riding to his DH Start.

The Making of a Champion


I have been working for a while now with Yess Products, Norco Bicycles and Jill Kintner on the production of her custom Slalom bike that she raced in Sea Otter. The idea was to follow the bike from start to finish. The full article can be found on but here are a few shots and a video from the production process.


The Sea Otter Does Downhill


2012 Sea Otter Classic DH was inked today. Starting off in some thick fog the track was cool until the sun broke through for the last of the elite men. Some great racing action with Jill Kintner taking the win for the women and Jared Graves for the Men.

The DH marked the end of the crazy week of racing. It was a lot of fun but it is time to head home. Time to sleep, time to eat and time to ride a bike rather than just watching others…


Again, short and sweet but here are a few photos from the race.


Dustan Sept, on Flickr”>2012_04_SeaOtter_06-3125

Dustan Sept, on Flickr”>2012_04_SeaOtter_06-3203

Dustan Sept, on Flickr”>2012_04_SeaOtter_06-3168

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