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Viva Cross Vegas


Back at Interbike in Las Vegas. The show is one thing but every year the largest cyclocross race in North America takes place, Cross Vegas. A great race with the world’s best showing up to give their best for the industry watching with eager eyes. Norco rider Aaron Schooler came out for the race and finished in 33rd spot in a stacked field.










Interbike 2011 with a little bit of Cross-Vegas


Another year at Interbike has come and gone. This year was not nearly as photo-centric as the last couple as the Moab Trip was not able to happen afterwards. That said, I didn’t even bring my camera kit, instead it was just the body and a couple of lenses. During the show, I did manage to get out to watch Cross-Vegas and that would have been a great opportunity to grab some shots. Hind-sight is always 20-20. Either way, here are a few photos from the drive to Nevada, Cross-Vegas, and a little bit of show.

The perfect “Health Food” platter

Absolutely crazy weather when we pulled in. Never seen it like this before!

Team H&R Block rider Aaron Schooler awaiting the Cross-Vegas start. (He placed 15th)

Cross-Vegas is a great event, starting field of 107

Nothing quite like a night race either

Low-Light Pan of Necessity…

Aaron, pushing through trying to chase down fellow Canadian Kabush.

Not everyone could hop the barriers, though many did

As for the drive home, a few sections were worthy of a photo.

Another year down. Great show but so glad it is over!

The Long Road South


Not many people drive from Vancouver to Vegas – and for good reason, it is a LONG ways and it isn’t really all that interesting. Well, with work I did that drive and here are some photos to prove it. Not that you can really prove anything with these particular photos however…


Early Bird Gets the Worm

The flat plains of Nevada make for a big sky and a whole lot of light.

It is an odd sight for a Vancouver-ite to see the road disapear over the horizon with nothing to hinder its way.

There may have been a few 6-legged casualties along the way. RIP...

More to come… It is a long trip.

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