This past weekend I made the trek over to Victoria BC, our lovely capital. In addition to being a beautiful city it is also extremely historical and the home of some of the best food and drink around. I lived in Victoria for about three years but left after departing from UVic. The city is amazing though and any excuse to head over there is a good one as far as I am concerned. The trip was not a photo mission so the camera only made a few appearances along the way but nevertheless here are a few pics from the weekend.


The lights on the Legislative buildings give a cheerful, warm feeling to one of the most influential buildings in BC.


The inside of St Mary’s Church is breathtaking, the stone pillars support the massively towering ceiling.


Have to rest a bit along the way and the beaches are a great place to do it. It is always nice to have a model to help make it look even better though…


Last but not least, this is from a shop in Chinatown… Can you say consumerism????

Until the next worthy adventure,