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A Week Away in a Mountain Biker’s Paradise – Moab Utah


This year (as with a few other years) following the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas Nevada a small group of Norco staffords took to the East instead of the North in search of higher ground. The destination was Moab Utah for a week of riding and unwinding after a busy event season over the summer. For 8 days this group of cyclists (me included) rode the best that Moab had to offer including the Whole Enchilada (twice), Captain Ahab, Hidden Valley, Portal, Poisen Spider, Pritchet Arch and more. An Amazing week of riding in a worldwide cycling destination.

This trip was more about riding that photos but I did still lug the ol’ camera with me on most of the rides. Here you can reap the rewards of my unfortunately heavy labours.











Team Building Retreat on the Sunshine Coast


The Sunshine Coast is a magical place if you are a mountain biker. Home to many professional cyclists and some of the best trails in the world this is a pretty amazing place to ride a bike. Recently with the Norco team I made my way over to the area on a team retreat to get away on a photo, video and team-building trip. Here are a few photos from how it went down.











Another Sea Otter Classic in the Bag


Another Year at the Sea Otter Classic. This year though the trip south was extended slightly through dealer visits, a marketing conference and then finally to the Laguna Seca Raceway for the main Event. Over the course of 16 days I visited 11 bike shops, watched 11 Ryan Leech demos and managed to squeak in 2 short mountain bike rides. As usual here I will let a few of the pictures from the trip speak instead of an essay of blathering..


Mt Shasta always looks good!

There is something about driving across the Golden Gate Bridge.



Gettin’ some air

The mosh pit of Sea Otter

Getting in some practice laps.

Team Norco International following the Dual Slalom.

Jill Kintner took home a couple of victories over the weekend.

A Team Mechanic doesn’t bring normal things on a ride.

Bryn Atkinson turning some heads riding to his DH Start.

The Floppy Bunny Gets Wet – A Trail Day


It is fitting that the first trail building day of the fall would coincide with the first rainfall warning for the lower mainland. Regardless, This past Saturday morning, myself and about 12 others tromped through the newly soggy forest to do some much-needed work on the Fromme trail Floppy Bunny. Working on the re-route exit involved several tonnes of rock being moved and some removal of vegetation. After a few hours of manual labour the trail is well on its way to a much more sustainable and enjoyable future.

Moab Day Four in Pictures – Mag 7 and Gemini Bridges


Another day in the fabulous terrain of Moab Utah. The Mag, or Magnificent 7 trail system is relatively new but links into Gemini Bridges to give a great mountain bike ride with a taste of Utah arch flavour. Another great day to be mountain biking in Moab.

Moab Utah, Day 2 Slideshow


Day 2 of Moab Utah took on the Poison Spider Mesa followed by Long Canyon. A great day of mountain biking and a great day to be outside in the sun. Here is another slide show that runs through a few of the days events.

Escape to Moab Day 1


Following Interbike with a number of colleagues I head over to Moab Utah for a stint of riding in the iconic terrain. This is a very brief look into the first day of riding on the Sovereign Trail and Long Canyon. Here is a quick slideshow to get you inspired.



Sprockids Fun Day (or a decade and a half)


Sprockids changed my life. The kids’ mountain biking club got its wheels rolling some 22 years ago and has been growing ever since. I was first introduced to the idea of mountain biking through Sprockids way back in 1997. It was this after-school club that opened the mind to cycling as not only a hobby but also a lifestyle. Not only did Sprockids get me onto the path of cycling but it nudged me in the direction of racing, coaching, teaching, education and eventually onwards to¬† a career within the industry. Without the Sprockids program I would be an entirely different person than who I am today.

The most amazing thing about my situation is that it is not at all unique. Stemming from the birthplace of Sprockids others have followed a similar path. The Sunshine Coast and the Sprockids program have together been a sanctuary for cycling and personal development. Looking back through my childhood friends and fellow Sprockids I see the Coastal Crew’s Dylan Dunkerton and Curtis Robinson, I see Katherine Short, Kris Snedden and the up-and-comer Holly Feniak. The raw talent that has come off the Sunshine Coast through the Sprockids program is like no other! It is Sprockids founder, Doug Detwiller’s dedication that has molded such great people and athletes that now have their turn to make a difference.

In celebration of the Sprockids program and Doug Detwiller, the Capilano University MBO program hosted an event called Sprockids Fun Day. Through Celebrating Doug’s success, 22 years of the program and 20 years since the first mountain bike park was opened this is how the event unfolded.



Sprockids is designed to be fun. It is about active youth, healthy lifestyles and incorporating mountain biking into everyday life.


The kids start young and they learn fast. This young ripper could be the next Coastal Crew rider.


Riding skills are taught by tireless volunteers while enforcing the positive choices that kids need to make on a daily basis.


At the Sprockids Fun Day, kids line up for another round of ‘dab’.


A humble Doug, thanks everyone for their contribution to the Sprockids program.



A dirt jump demonstration awes spectators. The mentorship aspect of the program is as important as any other; riders grow together and past Sprockids are able to assist with the younger students through riding, education and personal life experiences.


Success is not easily measured but seeing the smiles of a crowd watching a backflip is one way to judge.


The MBO Program presented Doug with a finishing touch to the Sprockids sign dedicating the park to him and his years of dedication to the program.


A perfect Fit!


Two of the proudest and most successful athletes that came out of the Sprockids Program are Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton. As the Coastal Crew they still embrace the same fundamentals that Doug has been teaching since the beginning.

Thank you Doug for your impact on my childhood, education and professional career. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the sport of Mountain Biking. Without you and the Sprockids Program countless kids, teens and adults would be living very different lives today.


Dustan S

Random Photo Shenanigans


These photos are seemingly completely unrelated… And they may well be. Regardless, here they are.







The Shore Being as Classic as it Can Get


When I think of the mountain biking on Vancouver’s North Shore very clear images come to mind. I think of mist, trees, darkness, ladder bridges, the forest, water and the clouds.

When the stars align this actually happens and today was one of those days. This is Fromme Mountain as I picture it. This is why I ride the shore.





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