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Published Goods: The Shore Superbike


A month or so back I posted a photo of the 2001 Norco Shore and left you hanging with a ‘more to come’ comment. As I know you have been jumping with anticipation since this date… here is the update.

The magazine is now out. Mountain Biking UK has put a Superbike feature in the latest issue featuring the Norco Shore in a nostalgic, evolutionary, retrospective tribute to Vancouver’s North Shore. The shots I took of the bike in its native terrain show the bike in its home deep in the forest of Vancouver’s North Shore.

It is amazing how things have changed over the past decade. I have not worked so hard as pushing this bike up Mt Fromme in a very long time. I am spoiled with my current bike at 2/3 the weight of this piece in history.


A New Old Trail Re-Explored


North Vancouver’s Fromme Mountain is one of the best known riding spots in the world. It is in the epicentre of where freeride mountain biking first emerged. Trails like Pink Starfish, Flying Circus, Oil Can and of course Ladies Only have such more meaning than their seemingly random names. One trail though that has been much forgotten about is Lower Ladies Only. While it shares a name with it’s upper counterpart the lower trail sees much less use. This is also one of the most ‘classic’ trails on the shore as it is very much the same as it was back in 1995 when it was built. That said, it is currently being updated so will soon be to the current standards of the mountain.

There is something about the classic nature of the trail though and the heritage that it holds. I hadn’t ridden this trail for nearly a decade before today but taking a walk (or ride) down memory lane was a great way to remember the roots of freeride.

Lower Ladies Only

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