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The Floppy Bunny Gets Wet – A Trail Day


It is fitting that the first trail building day of the fall would coincide with the first rainfall warning for the lower mainland. Regardless, This past Saturday morning, myself and about 12 others tromped through the newly soggy forest to do some much-needed work on the Fromme trail Floppy Bunny. Working on the re-route exit involved several tonnes of rock being moved and some removal of vegetation. After a few hours of manual labour the trail is well on its way to a much more sustainable and enjoyable future.

Re-Caffeinating Expresso – A day of trail maintenance


Trails unfortunately do not build themselves… People build trails, then they ride them on bikes and the trails degrade until people don’t want to ride them anymore. At this point the people fix them so the trails can be ridden once again.


This is a trail maintenance day. Expresso, on North Vancouver’s Fromme Mountain has seen better days but remains an iconic symbol of the classic shore. Heading out on a Sunday afternoon, close to 40 keen cyclists took to the trail to rejuvenate the trail to its former glory. As a part of the Trail Adoption Program (TAP) only one day’s work the trail is already looking much better. With more work to come, the trail seems to be already anticipating years and years of further use.


Thanks to NSMB, Rockshox and the NSMBA for a great trailday and all their tireless efforts.



Espresso Trail Day - Working the Log

Espresso Trail Day -Closeup

Espresso Trail Day - I collect Rocks

Espresso Trail Day - Simple Machines and Big Ideas

Expresso Trail Day - Slow and steady wins the race

The Shore Being as Classic as it Can Get


When I think of the mountain biking on Vancouver’s North Shore very clear images come to mind. I think of mist, trees, darkness, ladder bridges, the forest, water and the clouds.

When the stars align this actually happens and today was one of those days. This is Fromme Mountain as I picture it. This is why I ride the shore.





A New Old Trail Re-Explored


North Vancouver’s Fromme Mountain is one of the best known riding spots in the world. It is in the epicentre of where freeride mountain biking first emerged. Trails like Pink Starfish, Flying Circus, Oil Can and of course Ladies Only have such more meaning than their seemingly random names. One trail though that has been much forgotten about is Lower Ladies Only. While it shares a name with it’s upper counterpart the lower trail sees much less use. This is also one of the most ‘classic’ trails on the shore as it is very much the same as it was back in 1995 when it was built. That said, it is currently being updated so will soon be to the current standards of the mountain.

There is something about the classic nature of the trail though and the heritage that it holds. I hadn’t ridden this trail for nearly a decade before today but taking a walk (or ride) down memory lane was a great way to remember the roots of freeride.

Lower Ladies Only

Jungle Gym Fitness Class Demonstrated


There are ‘fitness areas’ popping up in parks all over Vancouver. They are essentially kids’ play areas re-purposed to serve a fitness function. Personally I am not really buying it but they do have some really nice signs that are demonstrating how to effectively use the equipment. Even with this visual description it was tough to figure out though With a bit of creative thinking we gave it a try. Still not really convinced though…

This is in North Vancouver’s Bridgeman Park.

Photo mission – Info will have to wait for a bit…


Had a photo mission today… I can’t give too many details right now but nostalgia was the theme of the day.



Sunday Snow Cycling Shinanigans


I should be changing the name of the blog to “… Weekend photos say more than words” Seems that is about all I can manage these days. Today involved going for a ride on the North Shore and of course I brought along my camera to take a few shots. These are on the trail Expresso which (if I am not mistaken) is between the 5th and 6th switchback up Mt. Fromme. despite a few inches of snow on the trail it was a lot of fun. Plus, it was cold enough that the snow was relatively dry.

Great Sunday Ride!




A Snowshoe Through the Clouds


I went snowshoeing up Mt Seymour yesterday. Climbing through the clouds the visibility was pretty poor but it did open up enough to snap a few photos along the way. I have now hiked this route twice but have yet to see the supposed view from the top. Another day! All the photos below were taken using a Canon 7D and a Canon 300mm f4l lens.





A Ladies Only Ride on North Vancouver’s Mt. Fromme


Today I went for a ride on the trail Ladies Only found in North Vancouver on Mt Fromme. One of the classic trails of the area it is a great combination of roots, rocks and bridgework. I did a bit of filming for a Norco Video coming up in January but thought I would put some riding clips from the trail into a short video for the blog.  Great December day for a ride!



Launching into next year, the kickoff of 2012


Last week was the first time the 2012 Norco Bikes were shown outside headquarters. Select dealers from around the world were in attendance getting a chance to see, learn and ride the latest from the lineup. With some sun, rain, and everything between it was a whole lot of work but still a lot of fun. Situated in North Vancouver we next head up to Whistler’s Crankworx Festival for the Media Launch.








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