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Letting the dog take us for a walk


Getting out there doesn’t always mean an epic-trans-continental adventure… Realizing that taking a dog for a walk can be an adventure on its owncan open real doors in enjoyment and photography. The following photos are nothing more than a walk in the park. But, at the same time taking the camera along on an otherwise non-adventure made for a fun deviation from simplicity. Getting Gus (the Bernese Mountain Dog) excited was as easy as pie and made for a great time and resulted in some great photos.






The Curse of the lawn nap


Apparently I am not the only one that gets sleepy out on the lawn in the sun. I was out in the lawn with my camera while the neighbors cat walked down the lawn, stopped, yawned, then kept on going.I really like the expression on the Cat’s face in this photo, it is just too bad that there is a leaf in the way. I thought and I thought but I am pretty sure there is no way to replicate this photo again framing it differently. I have found it quite difficult to make cats yawn on command.

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