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A Timely Update for a Dated Vancouver Photo


I took a photo of Vancouver’s BC Place in November of 2009. Shortly there after the construction on the retractable roof for the stadium started dating that photo drastically. I decided to head back and take another photo from the same location that would again seem more timeless. The framing and lighting on the new shot is a bit different but it came out pretty well. Also, if you look closely you can see the changes that were made to the Telus World of Science as well.


Hope you like it!


Vancouver's Science World At night

Here is the old photo if you were wondering.

Vancouver Lights over False Creek

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Lights Up Vancouver


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, or as you may know them, “that band from the Heineken commercial” ended their North American tour in Vancouver. Touring with Vacationer the Danish Pop-Band led by Mette Lindberg had their wrap up concert at the Venue on Granville St. The band’s energy was electric, the sound wonderful and the whole gig was a great event.

While I was trying to enjoy the show I did bring along my camera to grab a couple of photos from the show. Thanks Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Vacationer and Venue for a great show!






The highlight of the night for me was the cover of Men Without Hats – Safety Dance. An absolutely ridiculous song from a ridiculous time tied together with a ridiculous music video. The audio is not amazing in this clip but it is still worth a watch.


Another Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta Post – This Time Video


I put up a post about the 2011 Ride To Conquer Cancer Alberta a couple of days ago but I have had a bit of time today and put together a recap video consisting of time lapse and some photos. What do you think?

2010 in Review – One year down and many to go!


Well, I started this blog off as a means of self advancement, improvement and as simply something to do. With the grand idea of making a daily post for an entire year My sights were sky high. And… Then…. I fell flat on my face. I made it around half way through the year before I was too busy, to far away or simply not motivated enough to continue. Well, rather than totally giving up, the blog had a re-birth. Now a photographic summary of adventures that I have taken the blog has a evolved into something that you may find complete dribble. I hope not though…

Over the past year, I have been to Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and the Yukon. I even made it all the way to Australia at one point. It has been a great year for myself, my photography and my guilty pleasure – Mountain Biking. If you have followed the blog, what was your favorite post of the year? What was your favorite photo? Here are a few highlights of my year in review in no particular order. I hope you can gain just a fraction of the enjoyment that I got out of the experiences, people and places in these photos.


Here is to a great 2011!





















Tea and the Tele…


Sometimes I forget that a photo can be simple… Nothing special can sometimes be special.

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