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Conquering Cancer Swimmingly



The second Ride to Conquer Cancer of 2012 is now complete. This past weekend more than 3000 riders hit the road aboard their self-powered bikes in a massive fundraising effort benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation. The participants of the BC ride raised an astounding $11.2 Million dollars this year alone!

I have personally been present at all 4 of the BC Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer events. through these events I have seen rain, hail, sun, cloud, fog and nearly any other weather pattern that you can think of. We have been lucky to avoid snow as of so far though. 2012 was the worst one yet. While there have been stints of rain in the past this year it was a torrential downpour. There were times when it let off but it was overall, VERY wet.

Despite the miserable conditions the riders persevered and worked their way through the course counting down the kms to the finish line in Seattle Washington. Through two days of following the ride in a tech support capacity our crew managed to muster up the following numbers.


900 Bikes Repaired

450 Tubes Replaced

50 Tires Replaced

75 Broken Spokes

20 Sets of Brake Pads Replaced

10 Broken Chains

8 Wheels Replaced

1 Broken Frame

A Ton of other things that I have already forgot.


And without further adieu, here are a gaggle of photos from the weekend.


Cypress Falls, A Great Hike That You Have Never Heard Of.


Feeling like the first real sign of Summer, this past weekend was a flurry of activity. One such outing was trying out the Cypress Falls hiking trail. Starting off at the end of Woodgreen Pl. in West Vancouver this is a 90min or so easy hike up to a beautiful waterfall. Stay on the west side of Cypress Creek and it is pretty hard to get lost. A great hike that seems to be fairly unknown.

Here is the start of the trail. Park next to the tennis courts and it is pretty hard to miss

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And here are a few pics from the hike.





The Making of a Champion


I have been working for a while now with Yess Products, Norco Bicycles and Jill Kintner on the production of her custom Slalom bike that she raced in Sea Otter. The idea was to follow the bike from start to finish. The full article can be found on but here are a few shots and a video from the production process.


The Sea Otter Does Downhill


2012 Sea Otter Classic DH was inked today. Starting off in some thick fog the track was cool until the sun broke through for the last of the elite men. Some great racing action with Jill Kintner taking the win for the women and Jared Graves for the Men.

The DH marked the end of the crazy week of racing. It was a lot of fun but it is time to head home. Time to sleep, time to eat and time to ride a bike rather than just watching others…


Again, short and sweet but here are a few photos from the race.


Dustan Sept, on Flickr”>2012_04_SeaOtter_06-3125

Dustan Sept, on Flickr”>2012_04_SeaOtter_06-3203

Dustan Sept, on Flickr”>2012_04_SeaOtter_06-3168

Random Photo Shenanigans


These photos are seemingly completely unrelated… And they may well be. Regardless, here they are.







A New Photo-Challenge, Welding Light Oddities


I have been working with YESS Products on some custom frames that are being built for an upcoming project. Through this process I have been fortunate enough be observe the process of manufacturing the frame. The Welding aspect is one area that was a photo-challenge as the lighting is very unique.

Dealing with such a bright light made the contrast in photos like no other. Here are a few samples from the welding of these frames. These shots were not taken using any type of filters or special equipment.




Me Like Hockey! (let’s be brief)


I am heading to Seattle in the morning for the Seattle Bike Expo but I wanted to get a quick post off before heading across the border into the US of A. On Tuesday of this week, the Vancouver Canucks faced the Dallas Stars at home and finished off with a disappointing 5-2 loss. While I was hoping for a win, I will settle for just being at the game. Great seats, good beer and a whole lot of cheering! If only I could afford season tickets…

These two shots are through the glass with my Nifty-Fifty. KISS! (Keep It Simple Stupid)



Alberta Bound – The Ride To Conquer Cancer


Over the past few days I have been hanging out in the land of Beef, Stampedes, cheap gas and no tax. That is right, Alberta. Heading out of Calgary was the Ride To conquer cancer where much like BC I was with Norco offering free tech support to all participants. In this segment of the ride, 2200+ riders raised a total of $8.6 Million towards Cancer Research.













The Ride To Conquer Cancer – Vancouver To Seattle


The BC Ride To Conquer Cancer is a 2 Day, 220km ride from Vancouver BC to Seattle Washington. For 2011, more than 2800 riders raised in excess of $11.1 Million. WOW!

With work, I took on the challenge of keeping all of these bikes in working order for the duration. Offering free tech support to the onslaught of cyclists I do not want to see another flat tire for some time. With countless flats, bent wheels, mis-aligned derailleurs, missing pedal cleats, etc. etc. etc. I am happy it is over but I had a lot of fun at the event.

Next weekend I am doing the same thing all over again in Calgary. I will update on that one in a week or so.


and a video.

Bike To Work Week – The Morning in 9 photos


May 30th – June 5th is Bike To Work Week in Vancouver BC. An initiative set up to encourage people to set down the car keys and give the bicycle a chance it can be a great choice for health, the environment and simply feeling good. That said, the 5:45 wake up call, slow drizzle and single digit temperatures do not exude the same level of inspiration. That said, it is Bike To Work Week and I will do my best to ride my bike into the office as much as possible. Wednesday’s hockey game is a sphinx that I have not yet solved though. Anyways, here is a quick photo lay-up that shows the morning commute. Tough to take photos while riding but I think this gives a decent account of the morning’s commute.

Bike To Work Week


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