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Bad-Ass Blue Bull Bokeh


This was a Wednesday buffoonery project. Simply playing around with some light, lenses and a hand-made filter. This shot is actually taken through the hole in a Redbull can cap. BOKEH!

This shot was taken using the Canon 7D and Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro.

If you want to see just how ghetto the setup is for this, you can have a quick look at the making of twitpic.

Blue Bull Bokeh

Danny Macaskill and Ryan Leech – Legends Unite


Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx is all about Going Big. Whether it is DH, Slalom, Slopestyle or even Cheese Rolling, Crankworx will always push it up one notch and go a little farther than expected or even imagined possible. With that in mind there is almost a pre-conceived notion for the festival that can almost make it seem predictable. This past Saturday however, The Ryan Leech Trials Demonstration was a little different than the usual.

Youtube sensation and trials/street riding extraordinaire Danny Macaskill made a guest appearance at the 2pm Ryan Leech Trials Demonstration where the two rode together for the first time ever. While they are both masters of the sport, the riding styles of Ryan and Danny could not be more different. Ryan is a a composed, methodical and precise rider while Danny is Fluid, momentum driven and powerful rider. As I said, both incredible to watch, but still approach each obstacle in a completely different manner.








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