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Keeping busy in a (Vancouver) Winter Environment


Weather is subjective. A Vancouverite can only tolerate so much, while it is -40 in Alberta us west-coasters cringe at the dash rarely placed before a temperature. This weekend was one of those times where the mercury sunk below the zero mark and water became ice. Trying to venture outside the comfort zone of the average YVR local, Kelly and I went out for a couple hikes. One hike had tennis racket shoes (also known as snowshoes) while the other was slightly more traditional.

here are a few photos from the two different hikes. These shots come from Mt Seymour Provincial Park and Deer Lake Park in Burnaby BC.







A Snowshoe Through the Clouds


I went snowshoeing up Mt Seymour yesterday. Climbing through the clouds the visibility was pretty poor but it did open up enough to snap a few photos along the way. I have now hiked this route twice but have yet to see the supposed view from the top. Another day! All the photos below were taken using a Canon 7D and a Canon 300mm f4l lens.





Starting off 2011 with a bit of a slower pace


The start of 2011 was not necessarily one big adventure. I had no grand destination, no epic ascent, no definable goals of discernible value. This is no white flag though, I have not thrown in the towel on life and all things adventurous. Rather the opposite occurred, for the winter break I took it upon myself to enjoy some of the short and sweet gems close to home. Through snowshoeing, mountain biking, running, and spending time with good friends the holiday and new year was brought in with smiles, friends and high expectations in the year to come.

The following photos are justifiably not all related and not all part of one single story. They do all though, represent the theme of the holidays. These photos show the beauty of the outdoor world, the beauty of the city around and the joy of spending time with friends.

As Cheesy as this all sounds, it is ultimately true…


Happy New Year







Hiking to a view with no view


Today I hiked up to the top of Mt Hollyburn. This is a mountain in the Nordic area of the Cypress Ski area in West Vancouver BC. Snowshoeing up the ridge there was about 15cm of powder on about 100cm base so the conditions were pretty good. Plus it was snowing pretty hard the whole way up. A great day for a hike, but at the top there was no view whatsoever… In fact the visibility was very poor with the snow coming down. Nevertheless, I snapped a few photos before heading back down. I will do this hike again in the coming months to try and get some photos from the top. In the meantime, here are a few shots from today.

On the drive back down into the city the sky opened a bit and gave a nice view over Vancouver’s West End and the Harbour.

Hiking the Tetrahedron Provincial Park


A great place to go hiking/camping is the Tetrahedron Provincial Park. Out of Sechelt BC, this is a ski/snowshoe area in the winter and a great hike in the summer. There are 4 cabins in the area ranging from 2-10km from the main parking lot. These photos are the hike out to Mt Steele which is about 8km out. This hike can be done in a day but also makes for a great over night trip. More info on the area can be found at Also a few more photos can be found on flickr at

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