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You Better Belize It! (Belize excuse the pun…)


Recently, Kelly and I made our annual fall vacation and this year we chose Belize as our destination. Having traveled to a few countries in the area (Mexico, Dominican and Costa Rica) it was exciting to see something that was geographically close yet environmentally quite different. Belize for the most part is actually situated below sea level. This fact has led to a very unique landscape that is very flat, very wet and quite beautiful.

For the sake of our vacation we chose a small hotel/resort called the X’Tan Ha. This is a quaint, secluded and absolutely beautiful spot about 7 miles north of San Pedro on the Ambergris Caye. Accessible only by boat this secluded gem offered a week of rest and relaxation away from it all. While seclusion was definitely an aspect of desire town and amenities were also quite close and easily capitalized on.

These photos are mostly from in and around the X’Tan Ha but we did actually go outside and explore. You will just have to take my word for it though…













More Photos are hosted on Flickr

A Long time coming…


This post is a little late. Following the Montreal Ride To Conquer Cancer I did a tour through Pennsylvania and back to Toronto. I finished off the trip supporting the Horseshoe Resort Centurion. Here are a few photos from the end of that trip.








A Week Away in the Dominican Republic


Ahh vacation. In the cooling fall and decline of the busy event season of the summer it was time for a bit of a break, an escape from the cold, the city and the usual. Last year I took a trip around the same time to Australia. This year, the destination was the Dominican Republic. I booked a flight to the Samana Peninsula and 7 nights at a hotel on the beaches of Las Terrenes. The hotel is called the Alba Chiara and is am amazing place. affordable, clean, convenient, comfortable and luxurious this is a great place to stay. It gets you out of the all-inclusive zone and into an apartment style suite with a full kitchen, balcony, beautiful pool and a complimentary breakfast. If you are looking for a place to stay in the Dominican Republic, give this one a chance.


This was the kitchen in the apartment. Still can’t believe the place was less than $100 per night.


A taste of home. In the yard next to the pool, this bunny greeted us while trimming the hedge.


The sun sets in the distance while the pool glows a magnificent blue. The Ocean on the other side of the centre building.


Chilling in the pool.


Switching between the pool, the deck and the ocean was a necessity. All that work usually required a short siesta later on.


Dogs were everywhere in the area. There are many stray as well as pets. It was odd though, despite this the beaches were clean of feces and we never once came across an aggressive dog.


Water-bound adventurists have many recreational options.


Sitting on the beach in some shades, this describes a good portion of the trip.


Slightly add-like, Presidente is the local pilsner that is available everywhere. It has very good hydration properties.


Renting a scooter is a great idea in the Dominican; they are affordable, versatile and a great way to see the sights. We did have a few mechanicals along the way but she always got back on her feet and arrived at our destination.


A short drive outside of Las Terennes is a town called El Limon. From here you can hire a horse and guide to take you to a local waterfall (Cascada). The pool at the bottom of the fall is a refreshing dip before heading back to town.


Also outside of El Limon was this fantastic beach called Playa Moron. The trip out here pushed the limits of our scooter and resulted in a flat tire. Luckily our local impromptu guid helped us get sorted out. This was difficult to access but totally worth it. A Quad would be a better choice for this one.


On the final night in Las Terrenes, we sat on the beach, drank a bottle of wine and watched the stars. A great end to a wonderful trip. If you are looking for a great vacation that has the comfort and safety of a large resort while offering a more authentic experience this is it. If you would like more advice or info feel free to comment on this article.


more photos are available at:

2010 in Review – One year down and many to go!


Well, I started this blog off as a means of self advancement, improvement and as simply something to do. With the grand idea of making a daily post for an entire year My sights were sky high. And… Then…. I fell flat on my face. I made it around half way through the year before I was too busy, to far away or simply not motivated enough to continue. Well, rather than totally giving up, the blog had a re-birth. Now a photographic summary of adventures that I have taken the blog has a evolved into something that you may find complete dribble. I hope not though…

Over the past year, I have been to Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and the Yukon. I even made it all the way to Australia at one point. It has been a great year for myself, my photography and my guilty pleasure – Mountain Biking. If you have followed the blog, what was your favorite post of the year? What was your favorite photo? Here are a few highlights of my year in review in no particular order. I hope you can gain just a fraction of the enjoyment that I got out of the experiences, people and places in these photos.


Here is to a great 2011!





















A hemisphere away makes for a bit of a story to tell


My latest endeavor took me all the way to the other side of the World. Over the span of three weeks I travelled down the west coast of Australia seeing as much as possible between Cape Tribulation and Sydney. Starting off in Cairns, I drove north through Daintree and up to Cape Tribulation. Following this, the drive took me South along the coast to Airlie Beach where a three day sailing trip was in order. Wow, if you you are ever in the area, spring the cash and go for a sail. It is worth every penny. Post sailing, I continued South to Brisbane where I spent a few days before venturing to the Gold Coast. From the Gold Coast, a bit of a short cut was in order so after flying to Sydney I finished off the trip in the city.

Between the beautiful beaches, incredible nature, wonderful cities and of course the people Australia is a magical place. Worth every second and every penny. As with my lack of writing style of the blog, let’s get the photos to tell the story. Which ones are your favorites? If you really like them, check out more in the complete flickr album.

The Ferry to Daintree National Forest

A Single Mangrove Tree reaching into the sea

A basking crock, warming in the morning sun

The magnificent Cassowary, showing off its colours

Camping, Australia Style... (it is a bit different)

Sailing the Whitsunday Islands on the S.T. Whitehaven

The sleaping sailor, settled in for the night

The distance view of Surfer's Paradise

The sun setting over Miami Beach on the Gold Coast

Day time activities on the Gold Coast are… As expected…
No Australia trip is complete without…
As I said, the wildlife was magnificent.
A walk on the beach beside the setting sun
The Cormorants had vibrant faces like no other.
The Opera House is a staple of Sydney. The incredible texture is not always illustrated though.
This is a little more typical, but Sydney was a great place to end a wonderful trip. I would love to go back soon and see all that was missed.

If you skipped reading at the top, you missed out on this link… check out more photos from this latest trip at


Until next time, Happy Travels!



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