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A Week Away in a Mountain Biker’s Paradise – Moab Utah


This year (as with a few other years) following the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas Nevada a small group of Norco staffords took to the East instead of the North in search of higher ground. The destination was Moab Utah for a week of riding and unwinding after a busy event season over the summer. For 8 days this group of cyclists (me included) rode the best that Moab had to offer including the Whole Enchilada (twice), Captain Ahab, Hidden Valley, Portal, Poisen Spider, Pritchet Arch and more. An Amazing week of riding in a worldwide cycling destination.

This trip was more about riding that photos but I did still lug the ol’ camera with me on most of the rides. Here you can reap the rewards of my unfortunately heavy labours.











Day 5 in Moab, The Whole Enchilada.


Probably the most epic ride you can do in Utah is the Whole Enchilada. This ride climbs over Burrow Pass at a whopping 11,500ft and descends to a basin of 4000ft. Huge decent, some ass-kicking climbs and a ton of fun. The best part of the ride though is the diversity of terrain on the way down. Starting off in the alpine riding into an fall-coloured Aspen forest then into the Moab desert. The ride is simply amazing!

Moab Day Four in Pictures – Mag 7 and Gemini Bridges


Another day in the fabulous terrain of Moab Utah. The Mag, or Magnificent 7 trail system is relatively new but links into Gemini Bridges to give a great mountain bike ride with a taste of Utah arch flavour. Another great day to be mountain biking in Moab.

Day 3 in Pictures – Moab’s Amasa Back


Day 3 in Moab Utah. This is Amasa Back. As the title says, life is short and photos say more than words so have a quick watch below and see what a great day of mountain biking entails.

Moab Utah, Day 2 Slideshow


Day 2 of Moab Utah took on the Poison Spider Mesa followed by Long Canyon. A great day of mountain biking and a great day to be outside in the sun. Here is another slide show that runs through a few of the days events.

Escape to Moab Day 1


Following Interbike with a number of colleagues I head over to Moab Utah for a stint of riding in the iconic terrain. This is a very brief look into the first day of riding on the Sovereign Trail and Long Canyon. Here is a quick slideshow to get you inspired.



Moab Utah – Red Rock Rumble


So, I was recently able to make a trek to Moab Utah (for the second time) and what an area it is. From incredible vistas, amazing rock formations and a sporting environment out of this world if you have never been I would suggest adding it to the list. Here are a few photos from the trip.

Adoring the View

Wile-E-Coyote Rock

A beautiful spire


The Weather Can Change in a Heartbeat

There are a few photos but there are many more up in this flickr album. Have a look through and comment on anything you like. I also through together a bit of a photo/video montage from that trip so if you have a few minutes to spare check this out!

ugggh, too far behind….


I am slacking, I am a couple of adventures behind but really…. they are too close together to keep up!


Here is a taste of what is to come


another week or so and we will catch up…



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