I recently volunteered for a UBC Grad Student’s thesis project on V02 Max and the implications of various gasses on breathing during exercise. It was a pretty interesting process whereby I did an initial V02 max test followed by two separate 5km time trials. These were all completed on a stationary bike in a lab environment. The two time trials were a bit different as they actually involved an esophageal balloon. This is a tube that runs through the nose, down the esophagus and is inflated just above the diaphragm. The purpose of this balloon is to measure the pressure changes caused during exercise.


While I do not have the understanding necessary to interpret the data collected it was definitely an interesting experience. This may not be the best execution of time lapse photography but I put together a short clip from one of the Time Trials.

The result of three rounds of testing gave the following results:

V02 max – 57.1 ml/kg/min
Average Wattage in 5km TT – 338.4
Peak Wattage – 481
Max HR achieved – 200