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Vancouver Pride Parade – 2016 Is Full Of Colour


Vancouver Pride Parade; What can I say? Vancouver, no British Columbia, No Canada is a pretty amazing place to live. Only here can people experience this much joy around such a globally controversial event. The idea of “Gay Pride” has evolved and “Pride” means something more today than it did a decade ago. This annual event is still about celebrating the freedoms and rights of the LGBT+ community, but it is more than just that. The 600,000+ people that come to celebrate Vancouver’s annual Pride events are not inclusive members of the group. There are┬ápeople and families of all races, all ages and all beliefs coming together to celebrate as one. Lining the streets of Vancouver are the people of Canada, shoulder to shoulder with their leader, Justin Trudeau giving the metaphorical “Trudeau Salute” to all those that oppose.

We are Canadian and this is Vancouver Pride!

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Day Hiking in Golden Ears park



Golden Ears Park is closer than you may think. As one of BC’s largest parks spanning 62,540 hectares this is a fantastic destination for a day-hike or an overnight camping excursion. Located at the north-east tip of Maple Ridge there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. Below are just a few photos from the short lower-falls hike that will take you along a relatively flat, out and back hike to a beautiful waterfall. Return this is a 7km hike that will take a little over an hour at a decent pace.





A Vancouver Evening Floats By


The City of Vancouver is an amazing place and I have been lazy. My lack of updating this blog has no excuse… So here is something.

My deck is also an amazing place… and it has an amazing view of the city. When the wind comes in from the west on a semi-clear evening the clouds do a dance. This is the show through my window that I love to watch.

Random photos from happenings of things


I have had my camera with me a lot lately. Mostly tucked in a bag though longing to be ‘shuttering’. work has been nuts and not of the photo kind so there is not a lot to show from the last couple weeks. That said, here are a few random photos from when I did manage to pull the ole’ camera out of its bag.

Vancouver In Turmoil on a  Summer's Night
This photo stays close to home. A shot of Vancouver from yours truly’s beer drinking patio

Black Mountain Pond
I made the hike over Mt Hollyburn through Cypress and over Black Mountain to the Eagle Bluffs. This was a random pond along the way.

Eagle Bluffs Viewpoint
The view from eagle Bluffs is one of the best in or around the city.

The Gypsy Tears are Delicious
I brought a beer… no big deal

Vancouver Night Colours
The view of Vancouver from Lonsdale Quay is overshot and stereotypical. But worth shooting none-the-less

Conquering Cancer Swimmingly



The second Ride to Conquer Cancer of 2012 is now complete. This past weekend more than 3000 riders hit the road aboard their self-powered bikes in a massive fundraising effort benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation. The participants of the BC ride raised an astounding $11.2 Million dollars this year alone!

I have personally been present at all 4 of the BC Enbridge Ride To Conquer Cancer events. through these events I have seen rain, hail, sun, cloud, fog and nearly any other weather pattern that you can think of. We have been lucky to avoid snow as of so far though. 2012 was the worst one yet. While there have been stints of rain in the past this year it was a torrential downpour. There were times when it let off but it was overall, VERY wet.

Despite the miserable conditions the riders persevered and worked their way through the course counting down the kms to the finish line in Seattle Washington. Through two days of following the ride in a tech support capacity our crew managed to muster up the following numbers.


900 Bikes Repaired

450 Tubes Replaced

50 Tires Replaced

75 Broken Spokes

20 Sets of Brake Pads Replaced

10 Broken Chains

8 Wheels Replaced

1 Broken Frame

A Ton of other things that I have already forgot.


And without further adieu, here are a gaggle of photos from the weekend.


Vancouver Celebrates Bike To Work Week


Vancouver is a pretty great city to be a cyclist. While it hasn’t always been so, the bike lanes, routes and transit options within our great city are now pervasive enough to enable the functioning of a great cycle-centric community. Twice a year HUB, formerly the, puts on an event called Bike to Work Week which encourages people to get on their bike and you guessed it – ride to work. While I didn’t personally ride to work during the event, I was able to help out around the city offering tech support and assistance to anyone that did. The weather was a little wet but the number of riders participating was high and the whole week saw a ton of riders on the streets of Vancouver.

Cypress Falls, A Great Hike That You Have Never Heard Of.


Feeling like the first real sign of Summer, this past weekend was a flurry of activity. One such outing was trying out the Cypress Falls hiking trail. Starting off at the end of Woodgreen Pl. in West Vancouver this is a 90min or so easy hike up to a beautiful waterfall. Stay on the west side of Cypress Creek and it is pretty hard to get lost. A great hike that seems to be fairly unknown.

Here is the start of the trail. Park next to the tennis courts and it is pretty hard to miss

View Larger Map

And here are a few pics from the hike.





Vancouver 2012 BC Earth Hour Failure


I set up my camera to record 2012 Earth Hour. Let’s just say the result was less than spectacular… This was shot from 8:20pm to 9:40pm on March 31, 2012

Life on the Canada Line – Vancouver is Amazing!


After winning second place in the Marine Gateway Canada Line Photo Competition I posted this photo on Flickr where it was featured in Explore. This is one of those shots that I didn’t think was that great at first but really seems to catch some attention. Thanks to everyone that supported me in the contest and faved/commented on the flickr photo.


Canada Line: The Gateway to Vancouver

Published Goods: The Shore Superbike


A month or so back I posted a photo of the 2001 Norco Shore and left you hanging with a ‘more to come’ comment. As I know you have been jumping with anticipation since this date… here is the update.

The magazine is now out. Mountain Biking UK has put a Superbike feature in the latest issue featuring the Norco Shore in a nostalgic, evolutionary, retrospective tribute to Vancouver’s North Shore. The shots I took of the bike in its native terrain show the bike in its home deep in the forest of Vancouver’s North Shore.

It is amazing how things have changed over the past decade. I have not worked so hard as pushing this bike up Mt Fromme in a very long time. I am spoiled with my current bike at 2/3 the weight of this piece in history.


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