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A Timely Update for a Dated Vancouver Photo


I took a photo of Vancouver’s BC Place in November of 2009. Shortly there after the construction on the retractable roof for the stadium started dating that photo drastically. I decided to head back and take another photo from the same location that would again seem more timeless. The framing and lighting on the new shot is a bit different but it came out pretty well. Also, if you look closely you can see the changes that were made to the Telus World of Science as well.


Hope you like it!


Vancouver's Science World At night

Here is the old photo if you were wondering.

Vancouver Lights over False Creek

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Lights Up Vancouver


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, or as you may know them, “that band from the Heineken commercial” ended their North American tour in Vancouver. Touring with Vacationer the Danish Pop-Band led by Mette Lindberg had their wrap up concert at the Venue on Granville St. The band’s energy was electric, the sound wonderful and the whole gig was a great event.

While I was trying to enjoy the show I did bring along my camera to grab a couple of photos from the show. Thanks Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Vacationer and Venue for a great show!






The highlight of the night for me was the cover of Men Without Hats – Safety Dance. An absolutely ridiculous song from a ridiculous time tied together with a ridiculous music video. The audio is not amazing in this clip but it is still worth a watch.


Posts of In-Substantiality – A Rainy Vancouver Day


Things have been quiet lately. In relative inactivity I have completed my first game of Super-Scrabble. As you may guess, this is like scrabble only bigger, better and more bad-ass. looking back at the board though, we have a few ‘questionable’ words. Either way… pretty fun game. In celebration of a verbose win the sun came out for an hour or so and allowed for a photo.

Hopefully there will be more to post soon.




Kung Hei Fat Choi – Vancouver Welcomes The year of the Dragon


2012 is the year of the dragon and Vancouver rang in the year of power, superiority and rule with a parade in Chinatown. The event lasted a full two hours and was quite the spectacle to observe. Through elaborate costumes, pyrotechnics, music and more thousands flocked to the streets to watch or participate in the parade. Despite the wet and cold conditions the streets were packed and everyone had a smile from ear to ear.

For this, I used the 70-200mm and 300mm lens’. The thought behind this was to capture the individual people rather than the whole event.

If you didn’t make it out this year, mark it on the calendar for next! If you did, share a link to your photos, story or video below. I would love to see it!















Snowy Owls on a Snowy Day in Boundary Bay


Once every few years when the lemming population runs low in Northern Canada, as a result Snowy Owls make the trip South to Boundary Bay BC. 2012 is one of these years; there are hundreds of these majestic birds calling this home as we speak! The birds hang out in the flats where they are able to hunt with ease. There are also numerous other birds of prey species in the area such as eagles and hawks. If you are looking to head out and see the owls for yourself this is where you need to go .


The video and photos were made using a Canon 7D, Canon 300mm f4l and Canon 2x extender II.









It isn’t an owl, but I also took this photo of a Northern Harrier in flight

Keeping busy in a (Vancouver) Winter Environment


Weather is subjective. A Vancouverite can only tolerate so much, while it is -40 in Alberta us west-coasters cringe at the dash rarely placed before a temperature. This weekend was one of those times where the mercury sunk below the zero mark and water became ice. Trying to venture outside the comfort zone of the average YVR local, Kelly and I went out for a couple hikes. One hike had tennis racket shoes (also known as snowshoes) while the other was slightly more traditional.

here are a few photos from the two different hikes. These shots come from Mt Seymour Provincial Park and Deer Lake Park in Burnaby BC.







Free Skating in Robson Square


Vancouver has something special. A free outdoor skating rink in the core of downtown in Robson Square. After a 16 year hiatus from my less-than-successful skating career I went out with Kelly to take part in the free festivities. It was pretty fun to get out on the ice.

If you are looking for things to do this holiday season in Vancouver, this is a great option.




Kelly had a bit of a slow start. She got the hang of it though.


Fog, snow, sun and some fun


I started out this morning by heading to Port Moody to take some photos in the fog. It was fun to play around but it was actually a little too foggy. I was hoping that the fog was going to lift while I was there but it took just a little too long. Oh Well, next time.



Here is a short timelapse where I was hoping the fog would lift. Without that, it is rather uneventful.

Following the morning in Port Moody I head over to Cypress Mountain to snowshoe up to the peak of Mt Hollyburn. This is the peak above the nordic ski area. With such a beautiful day I took a few shots on the way up.



Living the High Life in Rogers Arena


Tonight the Vancouver Canucks played the Calgary Flames at Rogers arena. More specifically, they annihilated Calgary 5-1. I was lucky enough to have a friend with two tickets to the game in Section 122 row 4. Amazing seats!!! With the Rogers Arena policy on photography limiting me to bringing a 50mm lens I only snapped a few shots during the game.


Yet another amazing Canucks experience, just need to somehow figure out a way to see them all like this…







November Bike To Work Week


Bike to work week has come and gone. it was cold, wet and tiring but it is a pretty good excuse to get out on a bike and commute. In addition to riding, I was able to help out at a few stations offering tech support. Through this I snapped a few photos at the Vancouver, 10th and Ontario afternoon station.




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