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Day Hiking in Golden Ears park



Golden Ears Park is closer than you may think. As one of BC’s largest parks spanning 62,540 hectares this is a fantastic destination for a day-hike or an overnight camping excursion. Located at the north-east tip of Maple Ridge there are hundreds of options for you to choose from. Below are just a few photos from the short lower-falls hike that will take you along a relatively flat, out and back hike to a beautiful waterfall. Return this is a 7km hike that will take a little over an hour at a decent pace.





Cypress Falls, A Great Hike That You Have Never Heard Of.


Feeling like the first real sign of Summer, this past weekend was a flurry of activity. One such outing was trying out the Cypress Falls hiking trail. Starting off at the end of Woodgreen Pl. in West Vancouver this is a 90min or so easy hike up to a beautiful waterfall. Stay on the west side of Cypress Creek and it is pretty hard to get lost. A great hike that seems to be fairly unknown.

Here is the start of the trail. Park next to the tennis courts and it is pretty hard to miss

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And here are a few pics from the hike.





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