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Winter is behind us and Summer is just around the corner


Dustan.Sept-40Dustan.Sept-79Spring is arriving and with that comes the clearing of our local trail systems. While snowshoeing may have been the preferred means of travel in the past, these times are changing. With the warming air comes the absence of snow and the drying up of the forest floor. It may only be February but the trails are a sure sight that winter is behind us and summer is just around the corner.

More to come soon.


Why are you still inside? It is time to snowshoe!


As the mountain biking trails are starting to wind down my mind must think differently. It is time shift the mindset to skiing, boarding, snowshoeing and other snow-bound activities. One easy, local and free activity is snowshoeing up Mt Hollyburn where the effort is rewarded with a magnificent view of Vancouver. If you are thinking where the heck is Hollyburn? It is the nordic area of Cypress Mountain. The hike takes about 2hrs return but is actually outside the cypress boundaries so a park pass is not required. It gets cold at the top so bring an extra layer for the peak! If you want the nitty-gritty details you can see a map and elevation profile through this Strava recording


Here are some photos from the hike. The day was gorgeous with clouds hovering over the mountains but clearing over the city. The afternoon light was magnificent!


Winter is here – Just how I remember it.


This weekend sealed the deal. Winter is now here. I head out to a local cyclocross race on Saturday where in BC fashion it poured rain. Then today (Sunday) I head over to Mt Seymour to go for a quick hike. With the snow level at 400m, the hike was in some white stuff. Beautiful day up on the mountains but with the snow coming down this low many mountain bike trails are now inaccessible. Time to look for different weather-appropriate activities.




I thought spring was here, apparently I was wrong.


Coming up to the end of February, it seemed to me that Spring was close. It was getting warmer, flowers were starting to sprout and the days were seeming longer. With that in mind, the bike came out and was ready to spring into the season. But… then it started snowing, raining, freezing and getting pretty much miserable. Oh well, any day on the bike is a good one right?





Taking some time to slow down


Well, the title of the blog insinuates an urgency, a rush and a desire to move a little quicker than comfortable. Well, I have not exactly been illustrating these traits lately. 2011 has been a bit of a slower start than years past. I am not saying that this is a bad thing, it is just different and to be honest it has been kind of nice. That said, in a few more weeks things will likely start to ramp up again and get rolling a littleĀ  quicker but in the meantime it is alright to take some time to relax.

This new state of Zen has not really met the requirements of an adventure or experience to write about but the camera is still here, and the photos are still being taken. Until the next true adventure, I have picked a few random photos from the past little bit that I thought appropriate.

More soon,


The vivid colour of a tulip
The same flower, equally vivid yet b&w
Taking a break from unpacking, time for soup.
I posted a photo of Condensation last year, I thought I would follow that up with a little more. I love the texture and contrast of the water droplets.
More condensation, this one i like even more with the fade in DOF.

Hiking to a view with no view


Today I hiked up to the top of Mt Hollyburn. This is a mountain in the Nordic area of the Cypress Ski area in West Vancouver BC. Snowshoeing up the ridge there was about 15cm of powder on about 100cm base so the conditions were pretty good. Plus it was snowing pretty hard the whole way up. A great day for a hike, but at the top there was no view whatsoever… In fact the visibility was very poor with the snow coming down. Nevertheless, I snapped a few photos before heading back down. I will do this hike again in the coming months to try and get some photos from the top. In the meantime, here are a few shots from today.

On the drive back down into the city the sky opened a bit and gave a nice view over Vancouver’s West End and the Harbour.

Spring Flowers for the Winter Olympics


With the Vancouver Winter Olympics kicking off this Friday we are all still thinking about skiing, toboggoning, snowball fights and Ice Skating. No wait… It is February and the flowers in my backyard are blooming.

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