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Vancouver Canucks Game 7 Loss and Riot – Shame on you!


The Stanley Cup final is something that does not come to Vancouver all that often. It is a time to celebrate, a time to rejoice, a time to spend with friends. And then there is the other side. You would think that Vancouver Canucks’ fans would be used to losing by now, but now. The Stanley Cup game 7 loss to Boston is nothing more than an excuse to break shit.

Shame on you Vancouver!

I am a Canucks Fan. I am a Vancouver fan. I am a Canada Fan. I am a Hockey Fan.

If this happened during the Olympics a mere 14 months ago I would consider saying that I was ashamed to be associated with Canadians. This is the result of a loss. This is a shameful act of defiance and utter disregard for everything that is Canadian.

















The End of the Fireworks


This is a photo of the falling sparks from fireworks past.



Here are two photos for a shift. I have posted tow to try and add a little bit extra enthusiasm and expression to the post.


The Light Show, (hopefully this works?)


Something weird is happening and images are not displaying correctly… Not really sure about that?

Anyway, we will try and get this one to show up. This is the light show for the Olympics behind the Burrard St Bridge next to Granville Island in Vancouver.

hmmn, looks like it worked…. stupid wordpress…

Free Concert Mania – Sam Roberts and The Arkells


I head on down to Yaletown’s Livecity venue recently for a free Olympic concert. This is Sam Roberts and Max of The Arkells singing. Great Concert! Can’t wait to go back on Wednesday for Damian Marley.

Robson St. A Night Life


This is a photo of Granville St. in Vancouver. This is just beyond the lantern forest that has been set up for the Olympics.

More Fireworks over Vancouver


Here is another firework shot from the opening ceremonies. Yesterday’s photo was taken with a 10-22 mm lens while this was with a 50mm. Two very similar shots that turned out quite differently.

A second post for the Opening Cerimonies


Okay, I know this doesn’t fit into the photo-per-day theme but I wanted to post a few photos from the torch relay that may not be worthy of daily status but portray the excitement that the Olympics brings to Vancouver!

More Flowers, Mother Nature is Confused…


More spring flowers have popped up in my backyard. It will be a beautiful Olympic opening ceremony tomorrow… Maybe not the best though, it should probably be a little bit cooler?

Spring Flowers for the Winter Olympics


With the Vancouver Winter Olympics kicking off this Friday we are all still thinking about skiing, toboggoning, snowball fights and Ice Skating. No wait… It is February and the flowers in my backyard are blooming.

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