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Jungle Gym Fitness Class Demonstrated


There are ‘fitness areas’ popping up in parks all over Vancouver. They are essentially kids’ play areas re-purposed to serve a fitness function. Personally I am not really buying it but they do have some really nice signs that are demonstrating how to effectively use the equipment. Even with this visual description it was tough to figure out though With a bit of creative thinking we gave it a try. Still not really convinced though…

This is in North Vancouver’s Bridgeman Park.

A Hike around Buntzen Lake


Buntzen lake is located in Port Moody BC. It is a great summer retreat away from the city without really going all that far. There is a hike around the lake that is about 8km long and is not too challenging. There is a beach half way around as well that is generally much quieter than the one closer to the park entrance.

The hike is a great way to spend a sunny day and taking a dip in the lake is very refreshing.






A Day Away on Bowen Island


I have lived in a reasonable distance from Vancouver BC for most of the past 15 years or so. If you are a reasonable distance from Vancouver, it turns out that you are also a reasonable distance from a little hippy-clad place called Bowen Island. An area that is known of, an area that is respected, yet an area that not a ton of people go to. As a short little day trip adventure Kelly and I took off, parked in Horseshoe Bay and took the ferry over to Snug Cove on Bowen Island.

Walking off the ferry, the trails start immediately. There are two main hikes on the island. One that goes to the top of Mt Gardner and another that goes around Killarny Lake. For this trip we packed a lunch and took the short loop around the lake. Beautiful forest. great bridgework, a few viewpoints along the way. All in all a great walk/hike. Nothing crazy athletics wise, but relaxing, pretty and a great hike.









Taking the Goose Run…


There is nothing quite as satisfying as being in a public park with a camera chasing a goose around trying to get a picture. I am pretty sure that was the proudest, classiest moment in my life so far.

A picture of the park


This is a small park on Wall St in East Vancouver. This bench looks over the straight to North Vancouver. It is little gems like this that make Vancouver so great!

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