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Seattle Bike Expo Shinanigans Galore


Another year at the Seattle Bike Expo. North America’s biggest bike club, The Cascade Bicycle Club has yet again put on the largest consumer bike show in North America. The Seattle Bike Expo attracts some 5000(ish) consumers each year as they come to see new products, get a deal and see some rather rediculous shows.

This year, in the absence of the German artistic Cycling team Nick Hayden and Wendy Allen of the “a Unicycle Built For Two” in an equally ridiculous demonstration of “artistic cycling”. To level the playing field though The Ride and Glide BMX Stunt Team

Overall a fun but rather interesting event. Here are a few shots and a rough cut video summing it all up. The biggest question though is what 90s TV show did the video’s song come from?

A Kiss from a Giraffe. Quite Literally.


Today’s post is something totally different. I was scrounging around through some old photos and found this old gem. It was taken with a Pentax Optio T10 and was a bit of a mess. Overexposed, low contrast, soft, etc… not good. After a few minutes of playing around the photo came back a bit and brought back the memory of a great trip to Kenya over Christmas 2006. This shot is much more about the moment than anything else.

The photo was taken at the Nairobi Giraffe Center where injured and orphaned Giraffes are taken to be nursed back to health. An amazing organization!



Sure, why not?

A Timely Update for a Dated Vancouver Photo


I took a photo of Vancouver’s BC Place in November of 2009. Shortly there after the construction on the retractable roof for the stadium started dating that photo drastically. I decided to head back and take another photo from the same location that would again seem more timeless. The framing and lighting on the new shot is a bit different but it came out pretty well. Also, if you look closely you can see the changes that were made to the Telus World of Science as well.


Hope you like it!


Vancouver's Science World At night

Here is the old photo if you were wondering.

Vancouver Lights over False Creek

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Lights Up Vancouver


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, or as you may know them, “that band from the Heineken commercial” ended their North American tour in Vancouver. Touring with Vacationer the Danish Pop-Band led by Mette Lindberg had their wrap up concert at the Venue on Granville St. The band’s energy was electric, the sound wonderful and the whole gig was a great event.

While I was trying to enjoy the show I did bring along my camera to grab a couple of photos from the show. Thanks Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Vacationer and Venue for a great show!






The highlight of the night for me was the cover of Men Without Hats – Safety Dance. An absolutely ridiculous song from a ridiculous time tied together with a ridiculous music video. The audio is not amazing in this clip but it is still worth a watch.


Posts of In-Substantiality – A Rainy Vancouver Day


Things have been quiet lately. In relative inactivity I have completed my first game of Super-Scrabble. As you may guess, this is like scrabble only bigger, better and more bad-ass. looking back at the board though, we have a few ‘questionable’ words. Either way… pretty fun game. In celebration of a verbose win the sun came out for an hour or so and allowed for a photo.

Hopefully there will be more to post soon.




Bad-Ass Blue Bull Bokeh


This was a Wednesday buffoonery project. Simply playing around with some light, lenses and a hand-made filter. This shot is actually taken through the hole in a Redbull can cap. BOKEH!

This shot was taken using the Canon 7D and Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro.

If you want to see just how ghetto the setup is for this, you can have a quick look at the making of twitpic.

Blue Bull Bokeh

The Moon Shines Brightly


Here is another photo of the moon. The shot used a Canon 7D, Canon 300mm F4L USM and Canon 2x Extender II. There is a fairly significant crop on the photo as well. I tried taking some photos of the moon a month or so back with limited success. This shot came out a lot sharper. With the lens combo involved it is an equivalent of around 1000mm. Crazy to think that I still had to crop it a fair bit. Either way pretty stoked on how this one came out.

The Moon

A New Old Trail Re-Explored


North Vancouver’s Fromme Mountain is one of the best known riding spots in the world. It is in the epicentre of where freeride mountain biking first emerged. Trails like Pink Starfish, Flying Circus, Oil Can and of course Ladies Only have such more meaning than their seemingly random names. One trail though that has been much forgotten about is Lower Ladies Only. While it shares a name with it’s upper counterpart the lower trail sees much less use. This is also one of the most ‘classic’ trails on the shore as it is very much the same as it was back in 1995 when it was built. That said, it is currently being updated so will soon be to the current standards of the mountain.

There is something about the classic nature of the trail though and the heritage that it holds. I hadn’t ridden this trail for nearly a decade before today but taking a walk (or ride) down memory lane was a great way to remember the roots of freeride.

Lower Ladies Only

Kung Hei Fat Choi – Vancouver Welcomes The year of the Dragon


2012 is the year of the dragon and Vancouver rang in the year of power, superiority and rule with a parade in Chinatown. The event lasted a full two hours and was quite the spectacle to observe. Through elaborate costumes, pyrotechnics, music and more thousands flocked to the streets to watch or participate in the parade. Despite the wet and cold conditions the streets were packed and everyone had a smile from ear to ear.

For this, I used the 70-200mm and 300mm lens’. The thought behind this was to capture the individual people rather than the whole event.

If you didn’t make it out this year, mark it on the calendar for next! If you did, share a link to your photos, story or video below. I would love to see it!















Snowy Owls on a Snowy Day in Boundary Bay


Once every few years when the lemming population runs low in Northern Canada, as a result Snowy Owls make the trip South to Boundary Bay BC. 2012 is one of these years; there are hundreds of these majestic birds calling this home as we speak! The birds hang out in the flats where they are able to hunt with ease. There are also numerous other birds of prey species in the area such as eagles and hawks. If you are looking to head out and see the owls for yourself this is where you need to go .


The video and photos were made using a Canon 7D, Canon 300mm f4l and Canon 2x extender II.









It isn’t an owl, but I also took this photo of a Northern Harrier in flight

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