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Devo Spring Classic Stage Race in Photos


Spring Series Racing in Vancouver is a great program that offers racers the opportunity to get some pre-season competition into their calendars and is also a very entertaining weekend morning. This weekend was the Devo Spring Classic Stage Race and following the Crit and TT I went out to catch some of the action at the Road Race. The final event saw the LG Evolution team take off early bringing along some strength from Victoria’s Russ Hay’s team. Team H&R Block had two riders in the field making a push for the finish.

Overall a very entertaining Sunday morning. there are a few additional photos up on flickr.





Living the High Life in Rogers Arena


Tonight the Vancouver Canucks played the Calgary Flames at Rogers arena. More specifically, they annihilated Calgary 5-1. I was lucky enough to have a friend with two tickets to the game in Section 122 row 4. Amazing seats!!! With the Rogers Arena policy on photography limiting me to bringing a 50mm lens I only snapped a few shots during the game.


Yet another amazing Canucks experience, just need to somehow figure out a way to see them all like this…







Danny Macaskill and Ryan Leech – Legends Unite


Whistler’s Kokanee Crankworx is all about Going Big. Whether it is DH, Slalom, Slopestyle or even Cheese Rolling, Crankworx will always push it up one notch and go a little farther than expected or even imagined possible. With that in mind there is almost a pre-conceived notion for the festival that can almost make it seem predictable. This past Saturday however, The Ryan Leech Trials Demonstration was a little different than the usual.

Youtube sensation and trials/street riding extraordinaire Danny Macaskill made a guest appearance at the 2pm Ryan Leech Trials Demonstration where the two rode together for the first time ever. While they are both masters of the sport, the riding styles of Ryan and Danny could not be more different. Ryan is a a composed, methodical and precise rider while Danny is Fluid, momentum driven and powerful rider. As I said, both incredible to watch, but still approach each obstacle in a completely different manner.








A little Canuck Action


I was lucky enough to get some free tickets to a Vancouver Canucks game a little while back. Right next to the media area at the home end, the seats were front row!!!! not too shabby if you ask me. Getting into Rogers arena they restrict max the lens length to 100mm. Because of this I brought the 10-22mm and a 50mm. Being front row, this limited length still worked pretty well. Here are a few shots from the game.






Printacularly Photographic


The latest issue of Mountain Bike Action magazine (April 2011) has one of my photos in it. I think that is pretty cool. The shot is of mountain biker Sam Dueck at the 2010 Kokanee Crankworx Monster Slopestyle Competition in Whistler BC. This may not totally fit with the nature of the blog, but this did come out of a past ‘adventure’. In fact, I even put this photo in a previous post. If you missed it back in August, here it is.

I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty cool!


I thought spring was here, apparently I was wrong.


Coming up to the end of February, it seemed to me that Spring was close. It was getting warmer, flowers were starting to sprout and the days were seeming longer. With that in mind, the bike came out and was ready to spring into the season. But… then it started snowing, raining, freezing and getting pretty much miserable. Oh well, any day on the bike is a good one right?





A Self portrait on the log ride


today and yesterday’s posts are actually self portraits… These photos were done using a timer and remote flash. Kind of fun, but a little hard to get the timing right.

Racing off the front


This is a race photo of the Pro-Women’s category at the BC Championships in Victoria BC. What I like about this photo is the fade on the left. This was done by framing the photo with someone’s jacket in the edge of the frame. The effect worked quite well in my opinion.

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