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A Vancouver Evening Floats By


The City of Vancouver is an amazing place and I have been lazy. My lack of updating this blog has no excuse… So here is something.

My deck is also an amazing place… and it has an amazing view of the city. When the wind comes in from the west on a semi-clear evening the clouds do a dance. This is the show through my window that I love to watch.

2012 BC Cyclocross Championships


The 2012 British Columbia Cyclocross Championships took place at Mahon Park in North Vancouver. The sloped course is tight, fast and has a wicked bog at the bottom. The racers were pushed to the limit and many broke. Those that could handle the varying weather and a challenging course took home the hardware for 2012. This particular race I focused on video rather than photos and spliced together a short recap of the Masters and Elite races for your viewing pleasure. Just imagine that you are on a 2:37 elevator ride and I know you will appreciate the music that accompanies the video…

Here are the full results





Day 5 in Moab, The Whole Enchilada.


Probably the most epic ride you can do in Utah is the Whole Enchilada. This ride climbs over Burrow Pass at a whopping 11,500ft and descends to a basin of 4000ft. Huge decent, some ass-kicking climbs and a ton of fun. The best part of the ride though is the diversity of terrain on the way down. Starting off in the alpine riding into an fall-coloured Aspen forest then into the Moab desert. The ride is simply amazing!

Day 3 in Pictures – Moab’s Amasa Back


Day 3 in Moab Utah. This is Amasa Back. As the title says, life is short and photos say more than words so have a quick watch below and see what a great day of mountain biking entails.

Moab Utah, Day 2 Slideshow


Day 2 of Moab Utah took on the Poison Spider Mesa followed by Long Canyon. A great day of mountain biking and a great day to be outside in the sun. Here is another slide show that runs through a few of the days events.

The Making of a Champion


I have been working for a while now with Yess Products, Norco Bicycles and Jill Kintner on the production of her custom Slalom bike that she raced in Sea Otter. The idea was to follow the bike from start to finish. The full article can be found on but here are a few shots and a video from the production process.


Seattle Bike Expo Shinanigans Galore


Another year at the Seattle Bike Expo. North America’s biggest bike club, The Cascade Bicycle Club has yet again put on the largest consumer bike show in North America. The Seattle Bike Expo attracts some 5000(ish) consumers each year as they come to see new products, get a deal and see some rather rediculous shows.

This year, in the absence of the German artistic Cycling team Nick Hayden and Wendy Allen of the “a Unicycle Built For Two” in an equally ridiculous demonstration of “artistic cycling”. To level the playing field though The Ride and Glide BMX Stunt Team

Overall a fun but rather interesting event. Here are a few shots and a rough cut video summing it all up. The biggest question though is what 90s TV show did the video’s song come from?

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Lights Up Vancouver


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, or as you may know them, “that band from the Heineken commercial” ended their North American tour in Vancouver. Touring with Vacationer the Danish Pop-Band led by Mette Lindberg had their wrap up concert at the Venue on Granville St. The band’s energy was electric, the sound wonderful and the whole gig was a great event.

While I was trying to enjoy the show I did bring along my camera to grab a couple of photos from the show. Thanks Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Vacationer and Venue for a great show!






The highlight of the night for me was the cover of Men Without Hats – Safety Dance. An absolutely ridiculous song from a ridiculous time tied together with a ridiculous music video. The audio is not amazing in this clip but it is still worth a watch.


Snowy Owls on a Snowy Day in Boundary Bay


Once every few years when the lemming population runs low in Northern Canada, as a result Snowy Owls make the trip South to Boundary Bay BC. 2012 is one of these years; there are hundreds of these majestic birds calling this home as we speak! The birds hang out in the flats where they are able to hunt with ease. There are also numerous other birds of prey species in the area such as eagles and hawks. If you are looking to head out and see the owls for yourself this is where you need to go .


The video and photos were made using a Canon 7D, Canon 300mm f4l and Canon 2x extender II.









It isn’t an owl, but I also took this photo of a Northern Harrier in flight

A Ladies Only Ride on North Vancouver’s Mt. Fromme


Today I went for a ride on the trail Ladies Only found in North Vancouver on Mt Fromme. One of the classic trails of the area it is a great combination of roots, rocks and bridgework. I did a bit of filming for a Norco Video coming up in January but thought I would put some riding clips from the trail into a short video for the blog.  Great December day for a ride!



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